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6 comments on “WATCH: Russian Su-35's Rampaging Over Ukraine”

    1. Why doesn't countryboy do something instead of hate trolling other people expressing their freedom of opinion? Last I heard, this was a FREE NATION still, and other peoples opinions aren't requisite or require judgement, approval or anything else, from anyone else. Unless you just revel in being a cyber Dik Tater Putin fan boi.

      1. As a disabled retired AF veteran I disagree sharply with countryboy. However, if there's to be freedom of speech then there must be freedom to respond, analyze, and even, criticize. Now I'm not condoning the type conduct I've seen from Leftist Saul Alinsky types.

        Yet quite frankly, I see more animus and craving to stifle freedom of speech in your response than in countryboy's. I certainly don't see abject boorish crudeness in his response as in yours. So if your want to be effective, leave you foul, lewd retorts where they belong, in the sewer.

    2. The US is one of the very few nations that punishes its troops for "war crimes". In fact, towards the end of the Viet nam war and the middle east wars it looked like our government was placing a higher priority on finding and prosecuting our troops for war crimes than it did on fighting the enemy! Remember the Mei Lai massacre? After a while, this disproportionate obsession with war crimes wears on the morale of our troops and affects their ability to carry out their mission. You could learn a lot by talking to someone who actually served in combat in Viet nam. For example it was some times a practice for our troops to fake a fire fight and to fire the first rounds into the officer's tent. This obsession with war crimes obstructs our country's ability to wage war. There will always be atrocities and war crimes in war. They were much more prevalent in WWII and Korea. You just didn't hear about it often because our media was staffed by loyal Americans who loved our country and wanted it to succeed in its mission. Then in the 60's to the present, our media was staffed by anti-Ameircans who did their best to undermine our country's war effort.

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