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One comment on “WATCH: Unreal Footage Of Ukrainian Foreign Legion Fighters Assaulting Russian Armor”

  1. Good Lord, "FREEDOM FIGHTERS"! - Freedom Fighters???
    Yes - how many have we called that:
    - Khmer Rouge (and it ended with Pol Pot - mind you, we kept him his UN seat long after Killing Fields)
    - Taliban (and they did all we wanted: kicked girls out of school, women out of college and work, shot school girls in the face, fired US anti-aircraft against US planes, US guns against GIs, BUT NO 9/11!)
    - Al Quaeda (helping in Yemen, Somalia, Libya - almost everywhere)
    - Jihadists (they were good in Beghazi: dead bodies each morning tied up and torture marks (NYT))
    - ISIS (there was an error: the "moderates" were meant to get the guns and Saudi "Sarin")
    - and now, the Disciples of Hitler's Chief SS Collaborator Stepan Bandera, celebrated as Ukraine's National Hero and Model for the Youth (NO: YOUTH - NOT JEWS!)

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