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5 comments on “WATCH: U.S. Air Force Maintainers - Driving Force Behind The Most Powerful Air Force In The World”

  1. Very good to see the real reason that the USAF is always "Ready to go". Techs get eclipsed by pilots and other aircrew. Remember, if the techs don't know that it is broke, they can't fix it, and it won't fly.
    I was a tech from 1958 to 1994 - RCAF

  2. I have to wonder just how powerful our Air Force is under the leadership of that lying, corrupt, illegitimate, thief and traitor JOE BIDEN? The only way to save our Republic is to drag his sorry ass out of the Whitehouse, hang him and his entire criminal family in a courtyard somewhere and put Trump back in the Whitehouse where he belongs!

    1. Well, that is not going to happen. So, what us the next best option?
      He can be removed by Act of Congress. However, we first must win control of the House and Senate. Even so, we will likely just render the Oval Office "harmless" until the next election.
      However, Dems could force Biden to resign for the good of the Party.

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