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27 comments on “WATCH: Why Pearl Harbor Was Japan's Biggest Mistake”

  1. Biggest mistake was letting the liberal commies cheat our voting system as never before and getting the puppets in Washington now look what we have for leadership duh duh and giggle hahah

    1. I agree Gene. The bigger question is, "what can be done about this?" We need pole watchers to ensure no cheating is happening. Also, somehow, there must be action to ensure mail-in or ballot harvesting is monitored to the point that an audit must be done (before the ballots are certified) to make sure there are not more ballots than registered voters in each district. Will this happen? Based on what happened in 2020, I say this will never happen and thus Democrats will win every election in the future. It only took 6 states of mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting going on to change the last election because no audit took place.

      1. Unfortunately, you are spot on with your dismal prognosis. Rino Republicans sat on their hands and did nothing to effect correcting the obvious fraud. They sat behind their curtains all giddy that President Trump was gone. Now the RNC uses President Trump's legacy to collect donations which will never support a President Trump reelection campaign should he attempt one in 2024. The most expedient way to get rid of this Joe Bama regime is to decertify the 2020 election and install the rightful winner - Donald J. Trump. Failing that we will be pulled deeper and deeper into the Progressive Socialist Communist cesspool and on the one-way path to Totalitarianism. Czechoslovakia 1946.

        1. A truth in reporting law with heavy penalties for lying would help. Those institutions have let us down. Look at CNN and how many lawsuits they have lost. It is a wonder they can open their doors.

          1. That's what the Israelites said after 400 years of silence before Jesus was born. What is your view of 'too many years'?

        1. Until families go back to their religions, public schools bring back the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance, our young will not have the standards they will need to,have a productive life, The Ten Commandments alone are what people need and it has nothing to do with church but is a blueprint to be a good person.
          Take each one and show it to be wrong.

          1. You are so right. It is so sad. I didn't have parental guidance or care ( did I do som'ething wrong or am I unlovable) but eventually at a later age reached peace through gods wisdom, although he has always there loving me even when I was lost and sinning.

      2. Perhaps we need to go back to the old ways. No machine votes. Only a doctor’s written statement that a person is unable to vote in person gives a person a mail in vote. Have votes counted at the place voting takes place by three democrats and three republicans or independents. Each party checking the count before reporting to a central area. All counts filmed! Those counts being signed by the people doing the counting. Change the law to make fraud in a public election with a mandatory prison sentence of ten years.
        Maybe these ideas would be a good start.

    2. They'll be out soon. Some may say that it is too late, and for democratic means yes. Shooting our way out it's never too late.

    3. I'm a 47 year PROUD Combat Marine veteran Intelligence officer, (an IED cut short a 50 year career in Afghanistan). Do we still have a gun behind every blade of grass? Maybe just maybe not in blue cities/states, red and purple ones oh yeah!!! We sit in blinds just to kill something all day when we hunt so Chicoms? You bet your ass just as my men dispatched them when they tried to invade Arizona (you never heard about that, did you)? The freakin' MSM. They were working with the Chinese even then. But just as then they still march in columns and this is guerilla warfare-they lose.

    4. Can you imagine what Harry Truman would have said about this democrat bunch? That man had honor! This bunch needs to look up what that means.

    5. Gene I completely agree.I spent 22 years active duty only to see our once feared and respected Military is laughed at. And these 2 pos that are in the Whitehouse need to get out!

  2. Japan didn't have a choice, we cut off their oil supply. Washington didn't seem to think that the American citizens needed to know that, classified information. They keep a lot of important information from us, so they can rob us. When are the Nuremburg trials starting, the though has to be revealed to the American public. Military tribunals are going on in GITMO as far as I can tell, treasonous politicians are wantonly destroying our country, democrats run states first. They hate us, and God isn't to happy with us either, he's removed the blessings we once enjoyed (took for granted). Unless we turn back to God and repent, we're pretty much screwed. Think about it!

    1. Necessarily giving away my age,I will tell you about a service person I had many years ago. The job that I hired him for was the last one before he went back to Germany to testify at the Neuremburg trials. He was imprisoned in one of those hell holes.
      He told me that when the word came that the guards rounded them up an started to march them away. If someone was too weak to walk they were shot so others that were stronger tried to hold them up. There was no food or water so when they were allowed to go into the woods to relieve themselves, they grabbed poison ivy leaves (as much as they could carry). The nutrients and moisture sustained them. They had sores all over in their mouths and on the bodies, but THEY WERE ALIVE TO WITNESS.

  3. After Pearl Harbor the Japanese Admiral, who tried to discourage the attack, told the Emperor “You have awakened a sleeping giant”.
    I will bet that is the same advice that should be given to the democrats.

  4. Note that in 1941 we had a democrat president who provoked Japan in much the same way Biden is provoking our present adversaries!

    1. Poor, poor Donald. I hope our country never has to depend on you for our security. I have one question for you. Why do you think a "democrat president" did that? Where do you think our world would be if we hadn't intervened? My father paid a huge price to keep our World free from tyranny. By the way I am a republican. You make me sad.

  5. My next door neighbor is ninety five years old and was in the navy and on the island where the Enola Gay refueled on the way to Nagasaki. He has several health problems but his mind is sharp as a tack! A real gentleman and I am privileged to know him.

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