Thin Line News was founded by a group of military veterans  frustrated by the current atmosphere surrounding first responders. The Thin Line News staff all belong to, or have friends and family who belong to, one of the thin line communities.

Our family has a passion for standing with those who stand for others. We at Thin Line News have served alongside these men and women and have decided to make sure that those who sacrifice know they are supported. Please help us nurture a positive community that is focused on Thin Line Members who exemplify Honor, Courage and Loyalty as part of their daily lives. Will you join us?

Our Mission

America is facing existential turmoil. Politics, pandemics and unrest tear at the fabric of our great Country.

Fortunately, there are men and women of high caliber who hold the thin lines between order and chaos: Men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve others.

These men and women belong to an elite community and even though they may not always feel it, the vast majority of Americans stand with them.

Thin Line News is dedicated to fostering this community and helping America remember our everyday hero’s.

Our mission is to stand with those who stand for others. We are building a community of support around our first responders. They hold the thin lines between order and chaos and they need our support as much as we need their service.

We feel the best way to do this is to set politics aside and focus on the first responders.

We understand that supporting the thin lines may be considered a political stance. Our intent is to support the thin line communities, not politicians or political parties. We believe that support for Military and First Responders is a bi-partisan mission. However, we will not be afraid to call out bad policy from any side if it negatively affects our men and women in uniform.

Above all, we are here to bring awareness, support and positivity to those who serve our communities.

How We Support Them

Thin Line News will support our heroes by promoting the positive work they do. Also, Thin Line News will conduct special fundraisers throughout the year for specific events and causes. We will find, promote and support other causes that we find to be in line with our cause.

How You Can Support Us

We will be monetizing this site in order to bring better content and raise funds for thin line heroes. You can help us accomplish this by purchasing Thin Line Apparel from our shop and signing up for our newsletter!

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