100-Year Old Veteran Shares His Sadness About The State Of Our Nation

Carl Spurlin Dekel, a 100-year old World War II veteran, has seen a lot in his life. War, peace, and everything in between.

In an interview with FOX 13 Tampa Bay this past weekend, the decorated veteran expressed sadness about the state of our nation. Like many Americans, he worries about the decline of opportunities and happiness in our country.

"People don’t realize what they have,... The things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it’s all gone down the drain... We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all,... Nobody will have the fun I had. Nobody will have the opportunity I had. It’s just not the same and that’s not what our boys, that’s not what they died for."

Carl Spurlin Dekel

Of course, that wouldn't stop him from serving again if he had the chance:

"It was an honor for me to serve my country and if I had to do it again and I was the same age, I would do it. I guarantee you,"

Carl Spurlin Dekel

Despite his concerns, Carl Dekel offered some words of hope. He believes that future generations will do better and that things may be turning around.

Check out the touching video interview for yourself:

Hopefully Dekel is right and things do turn around. Fortunately, the pendulum seems to have reached it's leftward zenith and seems to be slowing down. Many predict that the state of politics in America will soon flip towards the right. Hopefully this is true and it's not too late.

What do you think, should Americans have hope? Are things about to turn around? Let us know in the comments below.

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23 comments on “100-Year Old Veteran Shares His Sadness About The State Of Our Nation”

  1. The only thing that will save this nation is prayer and turning away from the many Godless ways this country is going.

    1. Any one with common sense and/or intelligence knows the Bible says a time will come when right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.WE ARE THERE NOW.

  2. Please continue to thank all the veterans that you meet. I recently lost my only surviving uncle who was on a ship in Pearl harbor when the harbor was bombed before we had joined WWII. He almost made it to 100 years old and I was so proud of him. He had a tough life because his mother died when he was an infant, but he was raised by his aunt and didn't really get to know his siblings until he was older because they lived so far away.

  3. Things will change when the youngest adults realize life doesn't reward them for just being present. That They must work hard to achieve the gifts of the good life. Life is Not a box of chocolates! It requires giving of yourself. Few if any college aged kids today would give up the luxury dorms of today with the hot tubs and swimming pools to fight for freedom like my dad and many others did for ww2! FEW REALIZE that after 12/7/41 the Navy was nearly decimated and that it was the young men and Women of that time that by working together that navy was more or less rebuilt in 2 years! That ALL people contributed their lives to preserving our freedom. Black and white and Native Americans! Blacks formed great units like the Tuskegee airmen, the ladies the 5triple 8 . These ladies fixed the military postal service which was a disaster in its self at the time. The Native Americans gave us a near unbreakable code system! But today I, Me. My wants are in the lead and WE, doesn't come close to being a part of the American Populations mind set or a part of their vocabulary ! Its sad, especially to those of us who remember those times post WW 2, who see all the adults worked and some DIED FOR, gone and going fast toward becoming an even less than a so called 3rd world country.

    1. It wasn't just the military, we civilians did our duty every day. We all did rationing. We had block wardens for insuring our blackouts worked. We collected scrap metal every week in our little red wagons. We bought war stamps and war bonds. Our industries stopped making cars, refrigerators, washers, etc. and made armaments. We had to work hard in the shipyards to rebuild our Navy. Every high school had almost every male in the ROTC. We almost all had victory gardens in every space imaginable which would grow fruits and veggies. The whole country worked to save freedom from tyrants who wanted to rule the world. Now we have to organize to save freedom in our Country from the tyrants wrongly imbedded the White House who wish us to be ruled by them and their idea of a utopian one world government.

  4. Somehow we have got to learn to work together again!!! In some ways we have made a turn around--and for every step we've made in the right direction, the left seems to fill it with more sh**!! As in winning a UN-police action, there is no middle ground as the left has proved time and again with the wars of the UN!! When we left, the "bad guys" filled the void with more death and destruction---there is no middle ground!!! As with what is happening in the USA today, there is no middle ground and everyone knows it!! It has to be "total surrender" or we lose---simple but bloody!! This is my opinion, we've got a bloody civil war to dig ourselves out of the hole we find ourselves---the bad guys will not "just quit"---the first rule, when you find yourself in a hole, if you want to get out, is to "stop digging", we have not stopped digging!! Least way, I'm not seeing it if we have!! My opinion "cuts no ice" and I know it!!!

  5. Its not the Country I lived in either. Served in the Marines too. Semper Fi to you. All this better turn around. Our Republic has had enough hate by selfish people. This is the greatest Country in this world. We owe all those who gave there lives, every day.!!! Also I would go back and serve again. God is being denied by too many. People so concerned about global warming. This, earth will do what ever it wants and has, weather wise. You don't like it here, then leave. Shut down our border this fentynal is killing our kids. I cannot fathom the stupidity going on now. Those cartels need to be eradicated ASAP. GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY.

    1. Mr. Dekel, From a Vietnam Vet...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !!!!!! I am right beside you ! If America needs me again, I am ready to defend her. They don't even have to swear me in !!! My oath of service hasn't expired, and won't 'til I die !!!

      U.S. Army Vietnam, 4th Infantry Div, 4th Engineers 1969-70

  6. Things will only turn around if "we the American voters" oust every leftist,wannabe communist dictators,nwo scum ruled by fools and corrupt dirtbags and every politician who thinks communism- defunding law enforcement- disarming the American people is the way to go. We need to rid the country of these people no matter what position they now hold. We need to cleanse our alphabet agencies from top to bottom. We need to put America first and lead so the rest can follow just like we are supposed to do. We need to break ties with communist China and stop the mass corruption between our politicians and foreign countries that puts our National Security at risk. We "the American voters" need to do our part to turn this country around and get our energy independence back like we had for almost 3 years under President Trump. We need to put people in office who will get our economy booming once again and who will fund law enforcement and put a halt to the promotion of violence from the democrats and rinos.

  7. God willing and as soon as we can, HOPEFULLY, in November vote this current and totally corrupt, anti-America administration out of office and vote for and elect a more positive and constructive leadership
    to lead us back to a more productive and pro-American, pro- Christian country.//Amen
    Ken Dawson
    Birmingham, Alabama

  8. When President Trump becomes POTUS again in 2024, I am really fearful the there weill be a terrible civil war. The fanatical far left will go completely insane. The fate of the world rests on one man.

  9. Sergeant Carl Dekel, thank you very much for your service. Bless all our young people who volunteer to go into harm's way. Bless all of those who gave all their tomorrows so that we might have all of our tomorrows.
    Best regards from a USN VET.

  10. We hope for the best in America, Elections come a nd go. I believe even the moderate democrats have had enough of this administration and their complete in ompetence.

  11. And I believe that the people of America can thank Joe Biden for everything bad that has happened in America since he mysteriously became our make-believe president mainly because he is controlled by higher ups within our government that are really our enemies. The day that they are all arrested and prosecuted and finally put in prison is the day that freedom will return to America


  13. This country needs an attitude change: "you owe me a living"; "Arrest me! I don't care-then you can just support me and my family" are common attitudes. Criminals need to be punished so that they won't want to come back. Chain-gangs were not necessarily bad ideas. No one wanted to go back once released. In many cases parole and probation are a waste of everyone's time as many are repeat offender while on parole or probation. I speak from over 35 years in law enforcement.

  14. God bless him and all those men who served with him. My uncle who was on a ship in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed and recently passed away just 10 days short of 100 years old, and my father, his brother who was a gunnery Master Sargent in the Army Air Corp, my husband was in the Navy and my brother was in the AirForce. I revere all Veterans and thank them for their service when I am aware of it.


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