Special Agent Leonard W. Hatton, Real Life Superhero

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So many heros came out of the events of September 11th. Many of them did not even have to be on site at the World Trade Center.

First responders from all around New York City saw the commotion on their way into work. Many jumped into help wherever they could. Some even gave their lives in order to save the occupants inside the towers.

FBI Agent

Special Agent Leonard W. Hatton was in the New York Division of the FBI. On September 11, 2001 he was on his way into the office when he saw the World Trade Center on fire.

Instead of heading into work like he was supposed to, he went straight to the scene, to the North Tower. He was on the roof of the Marriot Hotel, when the second airplane hit the South Tower.

He took the opportunity to relay reports of what was happening on the ground to the New York Field office of the FBI.

Helping First Responders

Debris from the building and the wreckage began to fall and Hatton went to assist New York Firefighters. He began to evacuate the WTC occupants.

He went in without a thought for his own safety in the midst of debris, soot and smoke. According to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III in a speech, “One man in the building told us that he was guided out by a person who identified himself as a Special Agent of the FBI.”

He continued saying, “When they were outside in the clear, he was surprised to see the Agent turning back around. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked. ‘Back into the building’ came the Agent’s response. That Special Agent, without a doubt, was Lenny Hatton.”

Hatton was inside the building when it collapsed. Hatton left behind his wife and children.

Hero’s like Hatton made all the difference for so many lives that day.

Source: FBI & FBI Archives




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