America Strikes Back: The Incredible Story Of Americas Retaliation For The Devastating Attack On Pearl Harbor

 May 2, 2021

America delivers an explosive surprise on Japan, a surprise that will be remembered forever.

A daring plan

The air raid led by Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle himself led America to victory after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.

After tedious research and testing off of aircraft carrier Hornet (CV-8), American planners selected the North American B-25 airplane. 

The Soviet’s non-conformist attitude towards America’s plan made the east coast of china the primary landing site for the B-25 airplanes.

Throughout March, volunteer crews trained for the extremely hazardous mission they were about to undertake. Crews trained on cross-country flying, night flying, navigation, low altitude approach, rapid bombing, and evasive action.

It came time to load the B-25 airplanes onto Hornet and sail to Japan with Vice Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. as the commander for Task Force 16 (TF-16). Aircraft carriers, Hornet (CV-8) and Enterprise (CV-6) were going into battle.

The Japanese listened to America’s US Navy radio traffic and their picket boat spotted TF-16 on April 18th. 

Halsey, a smart commander, knew the potential threat of Japanese land-based air assets and gave the order to launch the B-25 planes early.

Americas B-25 Mitchell airplanes soared over Japan dropping high explosives and incendiary bombs crippling Japanese forces. The surprise attack on Tokyo enormously impacted Japan, giving the US the upper hand. 

Unfortunately, 15 of the 16 B-25 airplanes crashed in China and one landed in Soviet territory, where the Soviets imprisoned the crew.

Not as commonly known, Enterprise had its victory that very same day. The Halsey-Doolittle raid ended up putting the Japanese offshore warning system out of commission for a short time. 

Beginning of the end

The raid on Tokyo was so effective that when Japan finally got their force back together they were unsuccessful at finding the retiring force, TF-16, to bring it back into battle.

The attack planner’s goal to destroy specific Japanese targets and stir up fear turned out to be successful in making the Japanese army reluctantly go along with the navy’s plans. 

The Doolittle Raid will forever be remembered as an incredible story of America’s retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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14 comments on “America Strikes Back: The Incredible Story Of Americas Retaliation For The Devastating Attack On Pearl Harbor”

  1. Those were heros. But today the liberal Communist democrats through our country are trampling on those heros calling them racist and other un-American things. These people are trying to erase our glorious history as the beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. I thank God for those brave men as well as all those who fought and died in defense of liberty and freedom.

  2. Our Heros are being trampling on they died for our country freedom trying to erase our country History Thank God for those brave veterans and Nurses brave Hearts died for our country freedom, Library and Faith i will always stand for the flag 🇺🇸 that what true American's do for our brave veterans and Nurses.

  3. It is about time to remind democrats what happens when you piss-off the REAL American PEOPLE ? We are being attacked from within this time !

  4. This is Little talked about, I did not know(history buff) that the Russians treated Americans That Way during WWII.

  5. I majored in American History when I went to college and learned a lot but the story of the Tokyo bombing was one I was amazed about after reading it. Somehow the men and women who have served our country over the 18th through the 20th centuries were of great interest to me. God bless our troops and their families. World War II was an amazing time for all the people served in some way to preserve freedom for our country. Thank you, staff writers for the work you have done to preserve out history for those who come after us.

  6. Dear Yvonne Shelton: That's why we call them the "Greatest Generation"!!!!! I'm currently reading a book called: The Last Stand of The Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfisher which describes how a small force of "Tin Can" and undersized destroyers (call sign "Taffy 3") still kept attacking a superior Japanese Naval Force (at the battle of Leyte Gulf) until they had nothing left to attack with (their tiny ships in ruin and sinking). Their minute size but ferocity of attack convinced Vice Admiral Kurita's Superior Naval Force to withdraw given the damage the little ships delivered before being sunk themselves. Kurita's Heavy Cruisers were repeatedly hit with five inch projectiles but most damage was done by more destructive torpedos from recently installed torpedo launchers on the little ships.

  7. Our country needs to be reminded of what is really great about this country. You don't see people fleeing here to go live in other countries. People break our laws all the time to come here. This country after helping defeat the Nazi's and Japan never did take part of their countries. We helped reconstruct their countries.

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