WATCH: Brutal Military Training Regimen Revealed

 June 30, 2023

Military training for divers is an intense and oftern brutal exercise. Many people struggle with the natural urge to breathe while learning to dive. Of course, this can lead to panic when exposed to stress underwater.

It's crucial to train military divers in problem-solving and remaining calm in such stressful environments. This training ensures that servicemembers become safe divers, and their team members can trust them underwater.

One of the most significant aspects of training a diver is instilling confidence and competence. With proper training and preparation, military members will be successful in their underwater missions.


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3 comments on “WATCH: Brutal Military Training Regimen Revealed”

  1. Amazing. Hopefully tough guys will join and our military won’t go completely woke and ruin it for our great country

  2. Time to reestablish the Military WWll winning culture and reduce the woke sissy mentality currently established by the current sissified DOD trolls—-Oo Rahh

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