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24 comments on “Danish Navy Frigate Engages Pirates, Killing 4 - Global Naval Arms Race Under Way”

  1. Id like to see merchent ships armed like in WW2, hidden 20mm cannon, 50 cal MG & armed crews
    Then deter pirates

  2. Seems to me this announcer was trying to make a case for "self-defense" of the pirates when returning fire on the navy personnel after the warning shots. They were out to commit a crime. Stop trying to coddle these thugs/terrorists.

    1. I agree the reporter ain't too smart ,when it comes to pirates ,their only intentions are to take over cargo vessels commit robbery and harm or kill the crew .

  3. A speedboat with armed people and ladders in plain sight should be blown out of the water. Why go soft on these criminals? To allow them to survive is to enable them to continue their piracy again in the future.

  4. A shot across the bow is an international message to another ship to back off not escalate . They chose to escalate ....end of story. Why is the commentator of this story trying so hard to make the Danish ship the bad guy?

  5. SO are we to feel SORRY for the pirates because THEY do not have (their choice) a radio and don't speak the language of the people they want to rob???? AWWWWW poor pirates and thieves...HEY FOLKS and commentator...don't be SOOOOOO STUPID!!! If they didn't have any communication capability, probably didn't care about knowing the language...this commentator claims he has no sympathy for the pirates yet his entire diatribe is about how unfair the law was when capturing them///this guy is nothing BUT stupid & I don't think I'll trust ANYTHING he says!!!

  6. This pacifist jerk has no idea what is necessary in interdiction efforts and criminal arrest on the high seas. Shots across the bow are a clear signal in all marine operations. Bad guys with guns will kill you. Grow up and quit spouting socialist appeasement propaganda.

  7. 20 or 30 mm cram should do the trick. I don't know why they give them courtesy. I would strafe them right through the center of the boat and let them sink. Let them swim back. The more monkeys you kill the less monkeys become pirates. What they should do with them is not even capture them. Sink the boat and motion with their arms, monkeys swim and start laughing.

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