Decades Later Firefighter Rowdy Baxter Recalls Oklahoma City Bombing

Last updated June 13, 2022

The Oklahoma City bombing is one of those events where you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. Events like these shake you to your very core.

In April of 1995, Terri Talley was sitting in her office chair on the third floor of her building. Shortly after settling into work, a bomb exploded. It was 9:02 a.m.

Talley went through the floor, falling all the way to the first floor only to be covered in concrete, granite, and dust. Timothy McVeigh's truck bomb had gone off and wrecked the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.


Talley was disoriented when she woke up and could not see anything. She was trying to listen to all the sounds around her to determine what had happened.

She said. " I though I had been in a really bad car accident."

Crying for help was an impossible task due to the weight and pressure of the building pieces that were on top of her.

“I thought I’m just going to go to sleep and when I wake up everything will be OK, like a nightmare. When I woke, I could hear just one person screaming, ‘Help me’ I thought if they can hear her, maybe they will find me.”

Terri Talley

Rescue Efforts

Off-duty firefighter, Rowdy Baxter, heard the explosion from a few blocks over and went to help.

“I was walking in the rubble. People were running everywhere. I found a few people alive, and I found an arm. A little while later, I saw another arm, but I wasn’t going to mess with it. But then I saw it move, and I crawled down to it.”

Rowdy Baxter

She made him promise to rescue her. He used his hands to move pieces he could while waiting for the jaws-of-life tool. Many of the pieces were three to four feet long and stuck together by steel rebar.

Thirty minutes into his rescue efforts, all first responders were being ordered out of the area. There was a second bomb threat.

“I said, ‘We can’t leave her.’ The chief said, ‘I’ll give you two minutes.’ I just grabbed her and yanked and pulled and got her out, and others helped me carry her out.”

Rowdy Baxter

Her face was blue, all the oxygen was being pushed out of her, but 25 years later, she is alive and well, thanks to Baxter.

Source: Firehouse

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16 comments on “Decades Later Firefighter Rowdy Baxter Recalls Oklahoma City Bombing”

  1. This was a very brave fireman that literally saved this women's life. He could have left her when ordered to get out but stating he was able to save her life. Now this is the true definition of a HERO!!!!

  2. I was sitting in the Air Force First Sergeant Academy at Maxwell AFB. The instructor turned on CNN so we could all watch what was happening. I remember thinking initially that it had to be some kind of bad accident. Of course we now know different.

    1. Not to "repeat historic events", but do any of you, posting here, remember "who" was US President in 1995, or any of the false flag events that took place during his time in the White House?? Quite certain you all remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. From all the research I have done, the following is "my take" on what took place in OKC; any of you can do additional research and draw your own conclusions.
      An incident, four months later, August, 1995, is what caused me to go searching for more information. In August, 1995, two men, being held in "protective custody" by the FBI, were murdered in their cells; all evidence presented pointed to "homicide", even though the ME was "forced" (under threat) to re-write the death certificates and declare both deaths as suicides, two years after the fact.
      The main character I refer to is a man named "Ken Trentadue"; he was a victim of mistaken identity, but he is still dead. His brother is an attorney, in Salt Lake City, UT and is still pursuing "wrongful death" suits through the nations courts. It was believed Ken was killed so he could NOT connect Eric Holder to that bombing, or rather what led up to it. To refresh memories, "the withholder" was asst. AG to Clintonista's AG, the lesbo, Reno, during that time period. It has been "rumored" Holder was the one who ordered the FBI to furnish the bomb making materials to McVeigh and company, in order to carry out the bombing. No doubt to distract the nation from whatever criminal activity the Clintonistas were up to at that time.
      I encourage everyone reading this, to go online and research the name "Ken Trentadue" - - there is a vast amount of information available at several different sites. After you have finished studying the information available, then draw your own conclusions. I have read and re-read all of it and there is nothing there that has ever changed my mind. I concluded it was a "False Flag Event" - - mass murder, committed by our own "regime", in power at the time, to distract US from their own criminal activity.

      1. You have done the research now write the book. Were the cameras not working when the two men committed "suicide"? How many "suicides" are in some way or other connected to the Clinton crime family?

  3. Good thing this Fire Fighter was a man who recued folks when they in the worst of times....Glad to hear stories like this....

    1. "What was going through McVeigh's mind", was the very abundant $$ reward he was going to receive, from certain government officials, for successfully doing the dirty deed - - -if he had not been caught. If you read my post above, you will understand.

    2. I have very limited facts on this but I recall McVeigh was giving a "pay back" for what the FBI did at Ruby Ridge. As I recall, an FBI agent murdered the wife of the cult leader. She was unarmed at the time she was shot (possibly holding a baby?). Have FBI agents ever been held accountable for questionable shootings? How could you justify the shooting in Oregon of the man on his way to meet with the FBI? "carrying a gun" is no justification. Besides it might have been a throw down gun, untraceble? and used to cover up unlawful shootings?

  4. I remember that day very well!! I had gone to North Dakota to get my daughter and grandchildren. We stayed in a motel and across the road there was another motel, there were three trucks there and there were three men out walking around them,which at the time made me feel there was something going on ! But we were all tired and went to bed. The next morning the trucks were gone, then coming down thru Oklahoma City there was a lot of dust and police were everywhere. Scared us and we got on down the road to Texas!! I just had that weird feeling something wasn’t right.

  5. May God bless these heroic first responders. Every day they risk their own lives to save others, not knowing if their own lives will be lost in doing so. This takes a very special person, who has a great love for humanity and country. They deserve our utmost appreciation and respect.

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