Firefighters Attempt Complicated Rescue After Vehicle Goes Over Cliff

 November 7, 2021

When a man's vehicle went over the cliff at Devils Slide, firefighters and CHP worked as a team to bring him up safely.

Crashing Into The Ocean

Fire crews received a call about a vehicle that had gone over the cliff at Devil's Slide at 8:35 a.m. Multiple first responder agencies went to the accident. Cal Fire firefighter, San Mateo County Fire, Coastside Fire, San Francisco CHP, and San Mateo County Sheriff were all onsite.

CHP saw that the vehicle was at the base of the cliff in the water, and the driver was out of the vehicle attempting to climb up the side. Firefighters told him to stay where he was while they came down to rescue him.

Cal Fire said that the rescue only took the crew 20 minutes, and the driver was back safely on top of the roadway. While they worked, authorities shut down CA-1 for both directions of traffic.

The man is in stable condition with minor injuries and was the only person in the car. The first responders worked quickly to ensure the man's safety.

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5 comments on “Firefighters Attempt Complicated Rescue After Vehicle Goes Over Cliff”

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  1. I personally think that First Responders of All Makes,, *Police, EMT, Firefighters, Tow Truck Drives, Highway Patrol, Fish and Game Officers and ALL that I have not mentioned deserve more, Recognition, Salary or Pay in General, Healthcare, help with childcare and So Much More!!! These folks who put their lives on the line Every time they walk out the door to go to work are made of a different cloth than most other folks. I speak from experience, My Son is a Tow Truck driver here in Montana and they just had 2 drivers killed by a driver that was just not following the simple rule of changing lanes when you see and emergency vehicle and struck 2 drivers in the middle of a lane and killed them both. Another family just lost a driver in the state of Oregon last week when a Commercial vehicle (semi) didn't even attempt to move over at an accident scene, and struck the back of the tow truck,,which in turn hit the driver and killed him... these tragedies are COMPLETELY Avoidable!!! Police officers are Disrespected on a daily basis in our so called (woke world) that in itself is a tragedy.

  2. Your lead-in statement was "the first responders were shocked to find...." and then you never told us who the crash victim was. To add insult to injury, you clouded out the person so we could not see who he was. Not very good reporting. The person who wrote the lead-in statement should be reprimanded. I felt I read the article for nothing and was a waste of my time.

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