First Responders Save Lives... 3 Modern Day Heroes In Action

 September 25, 2020

Selfless acts make up the core of American heroes. They are defined by courage and a noble character. Unfortunately, many have no idea what lives behind the uniform of first responders. Yet, these men and women answer the call anytime, anywhere.

Here are some recent examples of first responders heroism:

The Hampton City Council is recognizing Officer Mason Lewis as a hero. He responded to two separate calls in one week that required quick thinking and basic medical skills. First, a woman had been attacked by her ex-husband. Officer Lewis arrived on scene to find her arm severed and quickly applied a tourniquet, saving her life. Second, he responded to a drug overdose. Officer Lewis immediately administered NARCAN which reversed the effects of the opiates and saved another life.

In Mount Pleasant Township PA, an off-duty firefighter rescued a 12 year old girl from a structure fire. Elijah Hale saw the fire while driving and immediately pulled over to help. Next, after assessing the situation, Elijah discovered that someone was trapped on the second story. He searched the area and found a nearby ladder. Without his firefighting equipment Elijah climbed the ladder and helped the 12 year old to safety.

In Sylva NC, Cristian Mireles is a community paramedic program director. Realizing that many patients recently discharged from the hospital need additional assistance, he often checks in on them. In several cases he has assisted with non-medical needs to ensure the recovering patient is well taken care of. The care he shows in the little things makes him a hero to his patients.

Heroes come in many forms. They are out in our communities every day facing the worst and darkest situations, only to wake up and do it again the next day. Therefore, we stand with them in support.

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