Former Soldiers Volunteer To Serve Again Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

 September 17, 2020

American Armed Forces serve in any capacity required of them during crisis. Recently, many former service members leapt into action to render aid during the COVID-19 outbreak.

When the Army became aware that the COVID-19 pandemic could cause a strain on our medical resources, they put out a call for former soldiers to volunteer and staff areas of medical need.

More than 25,000, about 3%, of the 800,000 soldiers who were notified stepped up. If they were already employed in civilian medical fields however, they were told to continue serving their communities. The rest entered a screening process to be re-enlisted into vacancies created by deployments.

"If individuals are already serving in their local communities, we are proud of their service and want them to continue serving in those communities, as this effort is not to detract from current community support, but to enhance it," Brig. Gen. Twanda E. Young, U.S. Army Human Resources Command deputy commanding general and reserve personnel management director, said in a released statement.


Military Doctors assisted in New York City and the Army deployed three mobile field hospitals in preparation for the worst possible outcome.

We salute our active, reserve, guard and former military members. We recognize your willingness to answer the call and hold the thin line between order and chaos.


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