Friedrich Lengfeld: WWII German Officer Sacrifices Himself for an American Soldier

 August 6, 2023

The world remembers Friedrich Lengfeld, a German Wehrmacht officer, for his incredible compassion during World War II.

At Thin Line News, we want to make it clear that we in no way endorse or support Nazi beliefs or ideology. Our focus is on the individual actions of Friedrich Lengfeld, a German Wehrmacht officer, who demonstrated humanity amidst the horrors of World War II

Born in Grünfelde, East Prussia, on September 29, 1921, details about his early life remain scant. His dog tag hints at a possible affiliation with the Gebirgsjäger-Ersatz-Bataillon I./98 in Mittenwald, a part of the 8th Mountain Division. Lengfeld was wounded multiple times during fighting on the Eastern Front. Germany honored Lengfield with several awards for his valor.

The Day of Redemption for Friedrich Lengfeld

In 1944, Lengfeld was assigned to the 275th Infantry Division in France. Here, he led the 2nd Company of the divisional Fusilier battalion. They fought bravely during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, a battle marked by its surrounding minefield known as Wilde Sau and a forester's house in Hürtgen. Amidst the heavy fighting against American forces, Lengfeld's company found itself besieged by the 12th US Infantry Regiment.

On November 12, 1944, Lengfeld and his comrades heard a wounded American soldier's cries. Despite being on opposing sides, Lengfeld ordered his troops not to shoot any approaching American medics. As the soldier's desperate cries continued, Lengfeld decided to form a rescue team. Unfortunately, leading this rescue mission, he stepped on an anti-personnel mine. He suffered severe internal injuries as a result.

They rushed Lengfeld to a medical station and later transferred him to Froitzheim. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries that same day. Lengfeld's story shines as a beacon of humanity amidst the harsh brutality of war. Despite the expectation of viewing the American forces as his enemy, he chose to see the wounded soldier as a fellow man in need. His heroic, selfless act cost him his life, but his memory lives on. This tale serves as a reminder of the potential for compassion and humanity, even in times of conflict.


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2 comments on “Friedrich Lengfeld: WWII German Officer Sacrifices Himself for an American Soldier”

  1. Many of us do forget that a lot of the German soldiers were just soldiers. Politics didn't come into play in many of their minds. The brutality of Hitler & his SS troops will always remain in our minds (at least those of us who know our history). This is truly an inspiring story and shows that even in wartime, opposing sides can show compassion. This is a good read.

  2. I love history. My father in WW1, my friends the Japanese war, my brother WW11 and my husband WW11. My brother joined the Military when he was 17,training and in Germany when 18, he helped clean up after Hitler. He was never the same person. No help from VA on the stress he endured, finding thousands of bodies, they had been starved and buried alive. My husband was a DAV, same issues, not much help but the VA hospital did save his leg from gangrene. Lost part of his foot.
    Prayers for any country that's in a war zone. Prayers for our country and the caravan people being used by drug cartels and Biden isn't doing anything to help close the border and save lives. DeSantas and Abbott are doing the right thing to stop caravan people and illegal, Why doesn't Mexico close their borders? Is China and Drug cartels paying off the Mexican president?

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