Government Fails U.S. Troops, Ignores Horrid Living Conditions

 December 10, 2023

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals shocking conditions in military barracks, including issues with plumbing, water quality, and security.

Our military personnel make significant sacrifices to serve our country, and it is only fair that they are provided with decent living conditions.

The GAO Report: A Damning Indictment

The Government Accountability Office recently published a nearly 100-page report after visiting 12 military installations to examine the living conditions of troops in base housing. The report confirmed what many service members have been complaining about for years: substandard living conditions in military barracks.

"The GAO concluded that leaders at the Pentagon are not only failing to provide oversight -- instead choosing to largely punt the issue to the branches -- but they also don't consider it a priority. The result has been bureaucratic finger-pointing, with no one office or leader willing to own the issue."


The report highlights that the military's youngest and most vulnerable troops, who depend on barracks housing, have been forced to clean up dangerous, crowded, and disgusting rooms themselves. Issues range from pests like bedbugs and roaches to severe security issues, including the inability to lock doors at night and the presence of squatters.

At five different bases, service members reported problems with water quality, with one group stating that their water "is often brown and does not appear safe for drinking."

Another pervasive issue was the lack of air conditioning, especially at bases located in hot or humid areas. Service members described living in such barracks as "continuous misery."

The severity of the problems has led service members to take matters into their own hands, often at great personal risk. For example, some have resorted to purchasing their own air-conditioning units, while others have had to clean up biological waste left in a room after a suicide.

Time for Accountability

The GAO report makes it clear that there is a lack of oversight and priority given to the living conditions of our troops. This is unacceptable. Our military personnel deserve better, and it's high time the government steps up to ensure that they are provided with the decent living conditions they so rightly deserve.

It's crucial for the public to be aware of these issues and advocate for better living conditions for our troops. The government needs to take immediate action to rectify these unacceptable conditions and honor the dedication of our military and first responders.


Our troops make enormous sacrifices for our country. The least we can do is ensure they have a safe, clean place to live. The GAO report is a wake-up call, and it's time for the government to answer it.

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