Historic Colt Revolver and WWII Tank Star at Texas Weapon Auction

 May 18, 2024

A piece of American history is hitting the auction block in Bedford, Texas.

According to Fox Business, Rock Island Auction Co. showcases a historic Colt revolver from the Battle of Little Bighorn and a World War II tank among other items.

The firearm once belonging to Captain Myles Moylan, recognized with the Medal of Honor, will be among the highlights. This Colt single-action revolver not only witnessed the intensity of the Battle of Little Bighorn but also served its owner in other significant historical moments.

A rare glimpse into America’s tumultuous past

The three-day event, from May 17 to 19, will mark Rock Island Auction Co.'s first major auction in Texas since their strategic move from Illinois. The company's president, Kevin Hogan, has expressed that the move was motivated by Texas' favorable business and political climate. This auction is particularly significant for collectors, as it includes remarkable items like a Winchester Model 21 Bicentennial Shotgun, which was once a gift to President Gerald Ford, and firearms from known outlaws and historical figures.

Joining the collection of historical firearms and artifacts, a WWII-era Stuart Light Tank is set to attract considerable interest, tagged with an estimated price of up to $400,000. The auction also includes several other battle tanks, adding a robust variety to the historical offerings.

Collector’s dream: Firearms with a presidential touch

Hogan, who has been at the helm of Rock Island Auction Co. for three decades, speaks proudly of the significance of each item at the auction. The revolver, in particular, is directly linked to Captain Myles Moylan, tying it firmly to his service with the 7th Cavalry.

The item’s historical value and its direct connection to notable events make it estimable, expected to reach upwards of $120,000. Kevin Hogan shared his enthusiasm about the auction item, “The great thing for collectors,” said Hogan, “is that you visit these eras, these times and these places though these objects that were there and played a huge part in major events. It’s very exciting.”

Aside from the Colt revolver and the tank, other historic firearms associated with prominent figures such as a Winchester Model 1895 rifle owned by gang member Floyd Hamilton, and a Remington Model 11 shotgun from outlaw Ford Bradshaw, continue to draw significant interest from collectors and historians alike.

Live through History: From the Old West to World Warfare

The historical significance of these items can hardly be overstated. Each piece offers a tangible connection to pivotal events and figures in American history, serving as a link to the past for current and future generations to appreciate. Each artifact, with provenance attached to significant historical narratives and eras, offers a unique glimpse into the times that shaped the nation.

Kevin Hogan emphasized the significance of Captain Moylan's revolver, “It’s just an amazing piece of American history," stated Hogan. The gun is not only identified with the 7th Cavalry, it’s also ID’d to Captain Moylan. These auctions not only provide an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of history but also help in the preservation of these artifacts for educational and memorial importance.


Captain Myles Moylan, the original owner of the iconic Colt revolver, is a figure of historical intrigue, having survived the Battle of Little Bighorn, earned the Medal of Honor at the Battle of Bear Paw, and served at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

The significance of his service and the artifacts associated with it continue to resonate, shedding light on aspects of American military history that are crucial for scholarly study and public knowledge.

The auction at Rock Island Auction Co. in Bedford, Texas, brings forward a rare opportunity to access a series of historical artifacts that are directly tied to pivotal events and figures in American history. From Captain Moylan’s Colt revolver, witnessed battles from the Indian Wars, to a World War II tank and firearms belonging to famous historical figures, the auction serves both as a collector's haven and a means to preserve history. It is events like these that ensure the survival of our shared heritage, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the past amidst modern times.

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