How American Troops in WWII Learned how to Fight Dirty and win

 January 13, 2024

While fighting the Japanese during World War II, the Americans believed their enemies were skilled in martial arts and guarded cultural fighting styles. The military then sought help from several martial artists such as boxers, wrestlers, and even knife-fighters, to teach hand-to-hand combat to American soldiers.

Still, there was one eccentric personality that stood out among them: François D'Eliscu. Both a piercing intellectual and a fierce warrior, D'Eliscu's mentality changed the way soldiers trained in the US. He once wrote:

"Our enemies have been toughened, seasoned, and experienced to jungle fighting for a long time. They have been preparing for war - we have been enjoying a Utopian peace of mind. [...] The French learned this too late."

François D'Eliscu

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4 comments on “How American Troops in WWII Learned how to Fight Dirty and win”

    1. 10 - 4 on Your statement - Tom Tucker........ When a Soldier's Life is at Stake during any kind of fighting in a case of War.....You DO - What is Necessary to Survive and whatever it takes for is Game On.!! There is No - Fluff or Fairy Dancing around when it comes to that kind of Fighting. !! PERIOD. !!

  1. Great video about the man who bought hand to hand combat to teach our troops what they needed to do to win at all costs.

  2. Really? If you have not been in the army or marine then you don't know what really happened back then . Oh yeah history say this bullshit, to bad you didn't listen to your grandparents, oh you thought you knew more than them, that means you are ignorant

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