Legendary Military Operations: Operation Torch - The One Move Germany Never Expected America to Make

 July 5, 2023

In the annals of World War II, few operations stand out as boldly as Operation Torch. This audacious move by the United States, launched on November 8, 1942, was a surprise that even the formidable German intelligence machine failed to predict.

Initial Landing

Surprise Attack

The U.S. launched an unexpected amphibious landing in North Africa. This strategic move caught everyone by surprise. Friends and foes alike were thrown into confusion. The surprise was so complete, it disrupted the usual course of events.

French Reaction

The French, enlisted by the Americans, were unprepared. They were unable to provide effective aid immediately. This led to an unexpected outcome. Initial resistance was met, especially at Oran and Casablanca.

The Resistance

Unexpected Opposition

Despite the surprise, the U.S. forces faced unexpected resistance. The French defenders, initially hesitant and confused, allowed the invading troops to land safely. However, they mounted serious opposition once the troops were ashore. This resistance was particularly strong at Oran and Casablanca.

The Struggle to Extend the Beachhead

Extending the beachhead proved to be a challenge. By the third day, the outlook was gloomy. The U.S. forces were safely ashore, but they faced difficulties in moving beyond the initial landing zones. This was a significant hurdle in the operation.

The Tide Turns

Political Developments

The tide turned with political developments in Algiers. General Charles-Auguste Noguès, the French commander in chief in Morocco, heard that the French authorities in Algiers had ordered a cessation of fighting. This news changed the course of the operation.


Acting on this information, Noguès ordered his subordinate commanders to cease active resistance. An armistice was pending. This decision marked a significant turning point in the North Africa campaign. It led to the eventual success of Operation Torch.

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Operation Torch was indeed a daring move. It caught Germany completely off guard. This unexpected action significantly altered the course of World War II.

The operation stands as a testament to the U.S. military's strategic brilliance and audacity. It demonstrates how bold, unexpected moves can change the tide. Even in the face of formidable conflicts, such strategies can lead to victory.

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