Legendary Military Units: Task Force 88/Task Force Black - Hunter Killer Team

 February 3, 2022

Many of the legendary military units have a long history. However, one unit has a shorter history, Task Force 88. The special operations team was created after September 11th and does not have much of a public reputation, but that is because they are a covert team.

Task Force 88

Members come from Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment Ranger, USAF 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and Navy DEVGRU. The unit is commonly referred to as the "hunter-killer team."

One mission that is attributed to this team is a raid from Syria into Iraq in October 2008. In the raid, there were eight deaths, one of which was Abu Ghadiya. Other missions attributed to the team were missions around the Horn of Africa rooting out al Qaeda.

Task Force 88 was known for operating quietly and autonomously. Many of their missions are said to have not needed approval from those higher up the food chain.

One elimination contributed to the task force was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a militant from Jordan who was running a training camp in Afghanistan and was to blame for bombings, beheadings, and various attacks in the Iraq War.

Task Force Priorities

The task force was once named Task Force 145, and its mission was to move through Iraq and surrounding areas. They looked for senior members of Al-Qaeda and would take them out or coordinate strikes that did.

They hoped by taking out the leaders, the organizations would crumble. They even went after top ISIS members to weaken their hold in the country, especially since taking out ISIS was a priority for both the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of the units, Task Force Black, is credited for taking out 3,500 insurgents in a matter of two years, between 2006-2008. The units were made of US and UK soldiers until 2009, when the British military left Afghanistan.

However, the SAS redeployed to the area with Task Force Black, increasing their presence in the country. Not much is currently known about Task Force 88, but there are theories that Task Force Black is still up and running, taking out ISIS members.

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