Louisiana Eyes Texas-Style Immigration Enforcement Bill

 March 30, 2024

In a bold legislative move, Louisiana is on the verge of taking matters into its own hands on the issue of illegal immigration.

According to Fox News, a new bill, Senate Bill 388, has been introduced by GOP state Sen. Valarie Hodges, aiming to empower local law enforcement with the authority to arrest individuals suspected of being in the country illegally, modeling its enforcement after a similar law in Texas.

The bill, designed after Texas' anti-illegal immigration law, sets forth stark consequences for illegal immigrants attempting to enter or re-enter Louisiana post-deportation. The proposed penalties include a jail term of up to one year and a fine of $4,000.

GOP state Sen. Valarie Hodges has been vocal about her concerns regarding what she views as failed federal policies on border control. She believes that stricter statewide measures are necessary to protect the citizens of Louisiana from various crimes associated with illegal immigration, such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. Senator Hodges remarked on the impetus behind the bill. She lamented the federal government's inability to secure the nation's borders, mentioning, "It's something that I've been concerned about for several years. The fact that the federal government is not doing their job and they're not protecting us." This bill, from Hodges' perspective, is Louisiana's response to a perceived lack of action at the federal level.

Fighting for State Autonomy in Immigration Enforcement

Louisiana, with Senate Bill 388, aims to join forces with Texas through an interstate compact focused on tackling illegal immigration head-on. This legislative effort reflects a growing trend among states to take immigration enforcement into their own hands amidst ongoing federal disputes.

The support for such a bill stems not only from concerns over crime but also from a desire to uphold the rule of law and ensure that immigration into the state is conducted through legal channels. Hodges eloquently put it, emphasizing the importance of vetting individuals who wish to enter the country.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has criticized Texas' law, suggesting it could lead to chaos and impede law enforcement's ability to maintain safety. Jean-Pierre's statement highlights the federal stance on such state-level immigration initiatives, pointing out potential conflicts with broader immigration policy goals.

Broad Implications for Border States

Senate Bill 388 has already made its way through a Senate committee and awaits final approval from the legislature and the governor. This progress suggests a broad support base for the bill within the state's legislative body.

The bill's potential impact extends beyond Louisiana, as other states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are considering similar legislation. This trend indicates a significant shift toward state-level action on immigration enforcement in the absence of comprehensive federal reform.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, has called for more funding and comprehensive immigration reform as solutions to the border crisis. However, for states like Louisiana, the immediate concerns posed by illegal immigration demand more direct action.


Senate Bill 388 marks a pivotal moment for Louisiana in its approach to immigration policy. GOP state Sen. Valarie Hodges is spearheading this legislative effort, drawing inspiration from Texas' anti-illegal immigration law, to authorize local police forces to arrest individuals suspected of illegal immigration.

The bill mirrors a growing sentiment among several states seeking to assert their rights in the absence of what they perceive as adequate federal action on immigration. With bipartisan concerns about border security and immigration policy, this move by Louisiana could set a precedent for how states address these issues going forward.

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