Master Of Maneuver Warfare General Patton Smashes German Resistance

 December 4, 2021

General George Patton was a renowned figure in the United States military. The General had many stellar missions, including his objectives during the Normandy landing.

Landing On Normandy Shores

One of Patton's objective was to lead a faux Army group as part of Operation Fortitude to misdirect the Germans. His other job was to train the Third Army. In 1944, while the Allies were on the beach at Normandy Patton and the Third Army went to Northern France.

Progress had stalled, but Patton had a plan. Operation Cobra made an opening, so Patton had the Third Army go "east, west, and south behind the Germain lines and went looking for trouble."

The Third Army was able to move forward. With these maneuvers, Patton showed that he was an incredibly capable military strategist. He deployed armored reconnaissance scouts to locate the enemy. When the scouts found them those armored divisions led the attacks. He would use armored infantry, with tanks and artillery in a cohesive attack.

Patton also employed the use of air support. The air support was used to cover his troops and aid in their continued advancement. P-51s and P-47s helped with the attacks.

His headquarters had more staff assigned solely to air support and airstrikes than any of the other units in Europe. Using all of these tactics, the Third Army made it to the coast in under two weeks. Once there they moved quickly to the other side of France.

Fast Moving Force

His forces moved at such a fast pace that everyone's roles changed. Aircraft that used to be artillery spotters became airborne reconnaissance,

Maj. General John Wood sent "Bazooka Charlie" Carpenter to fly ahead of his team in order to keep up with Patton. He himself would give his men orders.

Patton's men continued east, driving the Germans out with the help of the Canadians and Poles. Patton tried to set up a trap to get the German's who were retreating for Germany.

However, Gen. Omar Bradley told him to stand down due to fear that the troops would be stretched thin. Patton was unshaken. He kept moving through out of Normandy.

On Aug. 25, 1944 the 4th Infantry Division was just outside Paris. This allowed the French 2nd Armored Division to take back their capital. Within five days Operation Overlord was over.

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  1. It's wrong for reporters to put out to people. Should we have been in World War II. They know nothing about war they know nothing about what is going on with the big elected people. They have no rights picture search something that they know nothing about.

  2. WoodieThompson, I don't know your age; but if you are north of 40, you probably learned very little about WWII unless you are a History or buff.......too much of our middle-aged and young people have been o learned very, very important and vital history of the "Greatest Generation" and "America's World-wide Struggle Against Communism".....if you don't.....GOOGLE'EM.....

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