Meet The Marine Corps Deadliest Recruit Of Parris Island

The military branches each have a unique approach to training their recruits. For example, the Marine Corp focuses on every recruit being trained as a rifleman before attending any specialized training.

Challenging Course

Table One of the Marine Corps Rifle Qualification Course is the most difficult rifle training out of all of the military branches. Recruits are tasked with shooting from prone, kneeling, and standing positions at ranges up to 500 yards.

While recent technology has helped, Rifle Combat Optics can only get recruits so far. They need to master the basics before they can pass.

For the Corps deadliest recruit, 500 yards did not feel like a long distance. According to a press release, Marine Recruit Austin Farrell is the deadliest recruit to go through training at Parris Island. He got a 248 out of 250 at Table One.

Becoming Number One

The distance and targets were not a complete challenge for Farrell. He spent his whole life around guns. He built and shot rifles with his dad.

“I grew up with a rifle in my hand; from the time I was six I was shooting and building firearms with my dad, he was the one that introduced me to shooting, and when I got to Parris Island, what he taught me was the reason I shot like I did."

Austin Farrell

While Farrell is an excellent shot, he still needed to practice and get in the right headspace to apply all of his knowledge. Practice is much less intimidating than actually shooting on the course.

"Practice, before I got here, was definitely a big part of it, but getting into a relaxed state of mind is what helped me shoot… after I shot a 248 everyone was congratulating me, but when I got back to the squad bay my drill instructors gave me a hard time for dropping those two points."

Austin Farrell

Farell was set to graduate from training on September 4, 2020, with a set of very proud parents. His father, George, said, "I'm so proud of him, no matter what I'm proud of him, but this is above what I expected."

George continued, “I always told him to strive to be number one, and the fact that he was able to accomplish that is just a testament to his hard work.” It seems Farrell took his father's words to heart.

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