Meet the one man Air Force: World War II Fighter Pilot Ace James Howard

 January 9, 2024

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5 comments on “Meet the one man Air Force: World War II Fighter Pilot Ace James Howard”

  1. I don't believe it. Besides, the German's weren't the enemy. All of the terrible things said about the German's is nothing but false propaganda. The true enemies of God Yahweh's people are the Jews. Even Churchill said this after WW II. Besides, we started WW II just like we started WW I. We were bombing German cities and towns months before WW II even started. The Jews are of the synagogue of Satan, and they will soon be totally annihilated.

  2. I suppose this is why Howard got his ass kicked by the German fighters. Baloney, this never happened. It is a lie. The very first German fighter blew him out of the sky. I have researched this stupid American pilot, and everything that is said in this video is a lie.

    1. What are your references, I would like to read them. I suppose Germany actually won the war they started and the Holocaust never actually happened. I cant hardly wait to read the real story. lol

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