Military Jet Pack: Soaring into the Future of Defense and Rescue Operations

 October 17, 2023

The Military Jet Pack is a thing of the future, right? Maybe not. Gravity Industries has built and released a working jet suit that will soon be in use by Military and First Responders.

No longer just fantasy, this is the reality the military now embraces. With the introduction of jet suits, the military bolsters its surveillance and rescue operations capabilities. Enter the new game-changer in military modernization.

Flying High with the Military Jet Pack

The military jet pack, a groundbreaking creation by UK-based company Gravity Industries, graces the fleets of the Royal Navy and US Marine Corps. The Indian Armed Forces, too, are preparing to join these ranks. These jet suits do what tanks and helicopters did in the '90s - they revolutionize the battlefield.

The Daedalus Flight Pack: A Peek Inside

Richard Browning, the brains behind the Daedalus Flight Pack, gives a glimpse into the inner workings of these jet suits. Far from the simplistic devices seen in films, these suits demand a nuanced understanding and physical strength.

Mastering the Art of Flight

Browning explained that the jet suit's operation relies heavily on arm strength. The wearer maneuvers the suit by directing the thrust from the engines mounted on their arms. This design offers exceptional control and agility during flight.

Becoming One with the Suit

Mastering the art of flight doesn't come instantly. It involves learning to fly, hover, and maneuver with precision. Once mastered, however, the suit becomes an extension of the wearer. The once daunting task of flight becomes as intuitive as walking, opening up a world of possibilities for surveillance, rescue, and combat operations.

Development and Conceptualization of the Jet Suit

Jet suit training takes half a day, making it a swift process for our soldiers. Yet, we stretch training to several weeks for safe flying. The suits offer new capabilities, requiring new tactics to exploit these to the fullest.

Search and Rescue Missions

Jet suits are not limited to military use. They also have a place in search and rescue missions. They also show promise in the commercial field, particularly in working with drones carrying cameras or fuel.

The Future of Jet Suits

While jet suits may not yet be the next drones in warfare, they're an innovative technology that's changing the game. With Gravity Industries as the sole exporter, the future holds endless possibilities.

See the Jet Suit in Action


Soaring into the Future

Jet suits are a breakthrough in the military and rescue operations. They're not just a piece of technology; they're a whole new capability. They're revolutionizing the landscape of warfare and rescue missions. And we're only at the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Military Jet Pack

What is a military jet suit?

A military jet suit is a wearable technology that allows for individual flight. It's currently used in limited roles within the military and for search and rescue missions.

Who invented the military jet suit?

The military jet suit was invented by Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries.

How long does it take to learn to fly a jet suit?

According to Browning, it only takes half a day to learn to fly a jet suit. However, training usually extends over several weeks to ensure safe flying experiences.

How do jet suits work?

Jet suits work through a series of small, powerful jet engines attached to the wearer's arms and back. The wearer controls the flight by moving their arms.

Can jet suits be used in commercial applications?

Yes, jet suits show potential for commercial applications, particularly when working with drones that carry cameras or fuel.

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