Multiple Dead After Military Helicopter Crashes During Training Flight

 February 24, 2024

Two soldiers met with a devastating end when their AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed during a routine training flight, casting a somber shadow over the Mississippi National Guard.

The incident that occurred on a Friday afternoon in a secluded wooded area claimed the lives of two dedicated soldiers, who were part of an essential exercise intended to enhance their readiness and efficiency. The Apache helicopter, recognized for its critical role in our military's arsenal, unfortunately, became the site of loss for the community and the nation as a whole.

The tragedy drew immediate attention from high-level state officials, with Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi promptly taking to social media to honor the soldiers' commitment. "Mississippi will always be grateful for their service, and we will never forget them," Gov. Reeves expressed, encapsulating the sentiment of a grateful state and nation.

These soldiers hailed from distinct units within the Mississippi National Guard—the A Company 1-149 Aviation Regiment and the D Company 2-151 Lakota Medical Evacuation Unit. Their identities remain a poignant reminder of the personal cost of military readiness, a cost borne by families and friends who now confront a profound loss, NBC News reported.

Community and Guard response to the tragedy

In the wake of this unfortunate event, the Mississippi National Guard's foremost concern lies in providing unwavering support to the bereaved families. "Our paramount concern at this time is to ensure proper casualty assistance is conducted to support the surviving family members," stated the Mississippi National Guard. This assertion underscores the Guard's commitment to the welfare of its members' families, pledging a continuity of care and support in these trying times. The accident occurred in proximity to the Mt. Olive Baptist Church, situated off Highway 30 in Baldwyn, a quiet locale straddling Prentiss and Lee counties. The choice of the training location, nestled within northeast Mississippi's verdant landscape, adds a layer of solemnity to the tragedy, emphasizing the routine nature of the flight turned catastrophic.

Meteorological records from the day indicate wind gusts of up to 21 mph in Booneville, with a mild temperature of 64 degrees. While the precise impact of these conditions on the crash remains under investigation, they sketch a picture of a day much like any other, unassuming and yet fateful. Recent months have seen other military helicopter incidents, including the loss of five U.S. Marines in a CH-53E Super Stallion crash and an earlier collision between two AH-64 Apache helicopters that resulted in three soldiers' deaths and another injury. Each incident starkly reminds us of the inherent dangers of military service, even away from the direct line of conflict.

The investigation into the crash near Booneville is an ongoing effort led by the Mississippi National Guard, intent on uncovering the circumstances that led to this tragic loss. As the community, state, and nation await answers, there exists a collective mourning and a shared tribute to the valor of those who serve. Before sharing the Guard's statement on their priority, it's important to reflect on the profound impact of this event, "The Mississippi National Guard asserted that providing proper casualty assistance for the surviving family members is their utmost priority."

Reflections on a somber event

In recollection of the recent tragedy, our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who have paid the ultimate price in the line of duty. The crash near Booneville serves as a harsh reminder of the risks undertaken by our military personnel, not just in times of conflict but in their ongoing preparations to defend and serve.

Governor Tate Reeves's words ring with a resonant truth, encapsulating a shared sentiment of respect and gratitude toward those we have lost. The Mississippi National Guard's commitment to the families affected speaks to the depth of community and the bonds forged in service.

As investigations continue, we hope that clarity will emerge from this tragic event, offering lessons and precautions for the future. Yet, today, we stand in solidarity, mourning the loss while commemorating the bravery and service of the fallen.


The tragic crash of an AH-64 Apache helicopter during a training flight near Booneville, Mississippi, resulted in the loss of two soldiers.

This event has brought forth expressions of gratitude for the soldiers' service from Governor Tate Reeves and reassurance from the Mississippi National Guard on their priority in supporting the bereaved families.

The community and the nation mourn together, reflecting on the sacrifices inherent in military readiness and the somber realities faced by those who serve.

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