Murder Suspects Flee Jail Using Bed Sheets In Early Morning Escape

 July 7, 2024

The Claiborne County community is on high alert following the daring escape of two murder suspects from the local detention center.

According to Daily Mail, early Friday morning, Tyrekennel Collins and Dezarrious Johnson broke out of the Claiborne County Detention Center, sparking a significant manhunt.

The escape, orchestrated around 2 am, involved the suspects climbing through a ceiling panel in a shared area of the facility and making their descent using bed sheets tied together. This calculated break occurred under the cloak of darkness, further complicating the immediate response efforts.

During the escape, Dezarrious Johnson injured his leg, which resulted in a noticeable limp, potentially slowing his movement. Despite this injury, the urgency to locate both individuals remains high, given their charges and the manner of their escape.

Immediate Response and Search Efforts Underway

The local law enforcement was alerted to the escape shortly after it happened, thanks to the vigilance of other inmates. Surveillance cameras within the facility captured the daring escape, adding crucial visual evidence to aid in the search.

Chief Deputy Christy Sykes of the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department emphasized the non-possession of weapons by the escapees at the time of the breakout. “Early this morning, two inmates escaped from the Claiborne County Detention Center,” confirmed the department.

“Chief Deputy Christy Sykes said they did not leave with any weapons but should both be considered dangerous.” This stark assessment underlines the severity of the threat the pair pose, despite their unarmed status during the escape.

Both Tyrekennel Collins and Dezarrious Johnson now face additional charges related to their escape. Collins was initially held for the murder of his cousin in Copiah County. Meanwhile, Johnson was facing severe legal consequences for a previous crime involving murder and aggravated assault in Jefferson County.

Legal and Safety Measures Being Discussed

The community’s concern extends beyond the immediate manhunt. There have been previous instances of escapes from this detention center using similar methods, spotlighting ongoing security challenges within the facility.

“It's been an issue. We're working closely with the board of supervisors to get this taken care of as soon as possible,” remarked Chief Deputy Sykes. Her commitment to addressing these challenges is paramount to preventing future incidents.

The urgency of these security enhancements cannot be overstated. The involvement of higher authorities, including the US Marshals who are collaborating with local officers, underscores the critical nature of this manhunt. Efforts to contact and involve the families of the fugitives in persuading their surrender are ongoing.

Dezarrious Johnson’s looming trial adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Scheduled to start on October 15, the legal proceedings are anticipated to reveal more about his previous criminal activities.


Tyrekennel Collins and Dezarrious Johnson’s early morning escape from Claiborne County Detention Center has triggered a formidable law enforcement response. The method of their escape, combined with their known criminal history, calls for heightened public vigilance. As the search intensifies, authorities are simultaneously addressing the detention center's known security vulnerabilities to prevent future escapes and uphold community safety.

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