Off Duty Firefighter Renders Aid To Shooting Victim At Youth Sports Event

Last updated May 5, 2022

One incredible aspect of Military members and First Responders is that they don't turn off their initiative and bias for action just because they are off duty. If something happens on their day off and they are able to jump in, they rarely hesitate.

Firefighter Josh Owens from Virginia demonstrated this fact while attending his sons flag football game Sunday morning.

Owen and family were cheering on his son when a gunfight broke out on the sidelines. Josh quickly ushered his family to safety before running to see if anyone needed help.

Despite the fact that there was still an active threat of an unknown shooter, Owens worked to control the bleeding of the most critically injured victim. He was successful in his attempts and the victim was rushed to lifesaving emergency medical care.

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0 comments on “Off Duty Firefighter Renders Aid To Shooting Victim At Youth Sports Event”

  1. While it is amazing that people like Josh Owens probably saved 2 lives it is deeply concerning how violent our country had become and not even kid’s sports events can not be spared !

  2. First of why in the world does anybody need a firearm at a kids ballgame? Lastly why people just let the kids have fun? Even if the shooting had nothing to do with the game somebody acted like a thug and complete pathetic idiot by taking away from the game and most importantly put everyone in harms way. Thank goodness for Josh that he was there to render aid and save lives. This world is going to hell. I carried a gun for 25 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and since I’ve been out the only time I carry a gun is when I’m out in the woods during the summer and over half the time I don’t carry one then. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you a big man. All it does is put you in a position where you can either be put in jail or put you in a position where you will be sued for everything you have. There is a time and place for guns and a kids ball game is not the place!!

    1. Because things like this happens. I and many others don't carry to impose our will on others but so others can't impose their will on me like this trash did. You can thank the Demonrats for the escalation of violence.

      1. the "vegetable of D.C." has let at least 20,000 members of ultra violent gangs like MS-13, and others,resulting in gang fights at the most unexpected places. The cartels are capable of smuggling guns in to any country because steel, plastic,oil, all do not tip off drug dogs because of no smell of drugs. Australia, and now Canada are primary smuggling destinations for gun smuggling because they gave their government all their guns, and now they are helpless "sheeple". 2-A is the only barrier to tyranny in our U.S.A.!

  3. What was the shooting about? Who was involved? We're the kids & their game directly involved, or "wrong place, wrong time"? How about some cogent details here. Yes, thank the Lord a trained 1st responder was there & acted to save lives, but what is the WHOLE story?

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