Off Duty Firefighter Saves Neighbor And Parents From 5 Alarm Blaze

First responders are unique individuals. They have the ability to ignore danger and risk their own lives for others. Fortunately for many, this instinct isn't "turned off" when they are off duty.

This phenomenon was recently highlighted by an off duty firefighter who rescued an elderly neighbor from a burning building. This hero also made sure his parents were evacuated and safe, all while his home burned to the ground.

Piotr Orlowski awoke to the smell of smoke and saw embers through a back window. He told his parents to get ready to evacuate, then went outside and saw all but one of his neighbors standing around. An elderly man he often said hello to was not there.

Orlowski ran into the elderly neighbors residence without equipment, searched the apartment, and found the gentleman. The apartment was filled with smoke, the door was charred and he could see flames licking at the ceiling. He lifted the man and carried him out to safety:

Piotr Orlowski says the training and skills he has learned as a firefighter just kicked in and he was able to save a life. This shows just how dedicated our first responders are, always ready to jump in and handle chaos.

Tragically many homes were lost, including that of Orlowski's family.


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