Off Duty Firefighters Leap Into Action When Fellow Airline Passenger Loses Consciousness

A group of off-duty Massachusetts firefighters was on a Southwest flight from Boston to Chicago. North Attleboro Fire Chief Christopher Coleman was on the plane with active and retired firefighters when they heard that one of the other passengers needed help.

Saving A Life

During the flight, a man was exhibiting the symptoms of a seizure. The first responders happened to be sitting in front of the man having a medical emergency.

According to the North Attleboro Fire Department, the firefighters gave the man CPR and advanced life support until his pulse returned. Then, they started an IV, giving him fluids, and the man remained alert for the rest of the flight.

"The heroic actions of these firefighters today echo our mantra that we are never truly off-duty should any emergency occur. These men are to be commended for their rapid response and lifesaving efforts that helped to stabilize this man mid-flight. Their swift action and determination, even at 30,000 feet in the air, is a testament to their unwavering preparedness and professionalism."

North Attleboro Deputy Fire Chief Michael Chabot

Along with Coleman, Fire Captains George McKinnon and Josh Langille, Lt. Scott Langille, Foxboro firefighter Cory Shepardson, and retired firemen Jeff Badger and Rich McDonagh all helped revive the man.

The crew was headed to Colorado Springs, where they were going to see the Fallen Firefighter Memorial.

Recognition For A Job Well-Done

Their actions even got them kudos from the town's police department.

“Well done North Attleboro Fire Department. We are proud to be able to work with these dedicated and professional firefighters and there fantastic Chief Coleman."

North Attleboro Police Department

After landing in Chicago, the man was taken to the hospital for treatment and further observation. He was lucky that the firefighters were sitting in front of him that day and could rely on their training while 30,000 feet in the air.

He is likely alive today, thanks to their efforts.

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