Off Duty Paramedic Talks Man Off Ledge...

 September 16, 2020

Paramedics go into the job to help people. They don't see this as heroic, its just part of the job they love. Here is another story of a paramedic that recognized a dangerous situation and jumped in to safe a life.

Paramedics have to make quick decisive decisions daily and that is exactly what Mindy Cawley did on her way home from working an extra shift on her day off. As she drove across the Thunderbolt bridge in Chatham County, GA., she noticed a man on the other side and something caught her attention.

Realizing he was crawling up onto the edge of the bridge ,Mindy pulled over and crossed several lanes of traffic all while calling 911. When she got close, Mindy started trying to talk him down from the railing.

When the man did not acknowledge her she took hold of his arm and begged him not to jump. Despite having no experience preventing attempted suicides, Mindy was there and ended up saving the young man's life:

A paramedic’s job is often full of quick-thinking situations. This was the case for Chatham County EMS Paramedic, Mindy Cauley. After picking up an extra shift and getting off of work late Cauley was finally on her way home.

As she came over the Thunderbolt bridge she saw something that caught her attention. There was a man, who she says was crawling up the side of the bridge’s ledge. Immediately Cauley says she pulled over and ran through the lanes of traffic and called 911. Prior to meeting the man that day, Cauley had no experience with talking someone out of a suicidal situation. Cauley says she knows she was meant to be there to help save his life.


If Mindy would not have been there that fateful night, the man would have most likely committed suicide. Thankfully, he seems to be doing well and has received counseling for his mental condition.

Thank you Mindy for your quick actions! We need men and women like you to hold the thin lines between order and chaos.


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