Ohio Police Chief Dismissed After Mayor Discovers Marijuana Odor

 July 9, 2024

In a striking turn of events, the chief of police in New Miami Village, Ohio, has been ousted from his position.

An Ohio police chief was released from his duties following accusations of multiple breaches of conduct, including neglecting official protocols and mismanaging public resources.

As reported by Daily Mail, Mayor Jewell Hayes-Hensley of New Miami Village, a small Butler County community with 2,200 residents, became suspicious of Chief Harold Webb's actions earlier this year.

Allegations against Webb included ignoring emergency calls and stealing hot dogs from a local station despite an arrangement that only permitted free soda drinks.

Further investigations led by Hayes-Hensley uncovered that Chief Webb, who also worked full-time for the U.S. Postal Service, claimed to have worked 48 hours in one week.

However, evidence suggested he was only physically present for two days. The mayor's insistence on verifying Webb’s working hours revealed that, indeed, he had logged in for only a single day during the week in question.

Serious Accusations and Stubborn Defenses

The tipping point occurred when Mayor Hayes-Hensley visited the police department to obtain Webb's daily time logs and detected a strong odor of marijuana.

The smell was so pervasive that the mayor commented on its strength in a detailed five-page letter explaining her motives for the impending dismissal.

Despite the allegations, Webb defended the source of the odor. He explained that it stemmed from over 850 grams of marijuana confiscated during a raid in March. Webb's resistance continued as he refused a drug test mandated by the mayor, stating the request was demeaning and an affront to his integrity.

Webb's text to the mayor reads:

You know what you win. This is the third time you have questioned my integrity. Do you understand how belittling it is to have someone watch me urinate? Also, the reason my office had an overwhelming smell of marijuana is that there is over 850 grams of flower marijuana from the search warrant off Reiff Drive in March. Sorry things didn't work out for us.

Community Safety and Administrative Action

Following Webb's failure to submit his resignation formally, the council of New Miami Village unanimously decided on his termination on June 27.

Mayor Hayes-Hensley expressed regret over the situation but emphasized the necessity of the decision to preserve community safety and integrity.

In a formal statement, Mayor Hayes-Hensley reiterated her commitment to the village's welfare:

It is my job to ensure the residents of our community are safe. My goal is to turn our village around and make it a safe and thriving community for all. Council and I are working very hard to have a greater police presence in our village and do a major cleanup both with crime and housing. It is time that residents of the village of New Miami know they have a mayor and council working to put the community's needs first and do everything within their power to make the village of New Miami a safe, clean, and thriving community.


The firing of Chief Harold Webb by the New Miami Village Council marks a definitive step towards addressing serious accusations of misconduct within local law enforcement. Webb, accused of neglecting emergency duties, falsifying work hours, and misappropriating resources, was removed to maintain the integrity and safety of the community.

Mayor Hayes-Hensley and the council are now focused on increasing police presence and improving public safety, ensuring that New Miami Village remains a secure and orderly place for its residents.

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