HERO ALERT: Omaha Firefighter Went Above And Beyond After Local Fire Devastation

 August 21, 2020

Being a firefighter takes a special kind of courage. Human nature has a deep seated fear of raging infernos, for good reason. Yet there are heroes among us who rush INTO the flames to save others.

One such man was recently recognized for going above and beyond his normal duties:

Omaha Fire Department Firefighter Drew Gerken was recognized for his ongoing efforts to help families in need after they experience a devastating fire. Gerken helps to replace furnishings and other possessions destroyed in fires and organizes teams of volunteers to pick up and deliver donated furniture to the families in need

Source: https://www.firerescue1.com/awards/articles/nfff-honors-neb-ff-with-national-firefighter-hero-award-9WHN1aGJsUCIBDW3/

Those who hold the Thin Line generally do so much more than their job description calls for. We often see stories of these men and women helping out their communities.

This is why these heroes need support: we stand with those who stand for others.

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