On This Day In 1776, America Declares Independence From Tyranny And Fights A Brutal War For Freedom

 July 4, 2021

Millions of Americans gather together every year to celebrate the Fourth of July with hometown parades, family BBQs, and, of course, fireworks. But July 4 is about so much more than those things. We get to celebrate those freedoms thanks to those who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Fighting For Our Freedom

The colonies issues with the British started long before the American Revolutionary War. British policies beginning in 1765 were met with opposition from colonies.

The beginning of the end was The Tea Act of 1773. When the Continental Congress met on June 7 in Philadelphia, Richard Henry Lee had a resolution.

"Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved."

Richard Henry Lee

Declaration of Independence

By 1776, Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet called "Common Sense."

It had a clear argument for independence from Britian. It caught the eye of Continental Congress and Thomas Jefferson.

A committee and Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. The draft went through many changes from the Committee. However, the spirit of the document never changed.

The document was approved on July 2 and officially adopted on July 4. Interestingly enough, New York did not vote and Pennsylvania and South Carolina voted no. It passed with 9 out of 13 votes.

Free, But Still Fighting

George Washington did not vote as he was out on the battlefield. He did, however, announce to the troops that the country they were fighting for declared itself an independent nation.

Even though our independence was declared on July 4, 1776, we continued to battle until 1783. In fact, there were over 230 skirmishes and battles over the course of five years.

The Revolutionary War was finally over when we signed the Treaty of Paris. The United States of America was officially a free and independent nation.

Today, enjoy your Fourth, your freedom, your families, and honor those who fought for those freedoms and continue to do so. Happy Independence Day!

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10 comments on “On This Day In 1776, America Declares Independence From Tyranny And Fights A Brutal War For Freedom”

  1. Being a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, having roots defending America since Valley forge
    A Father as a Marine wounded at Iwo Jima in WW2 and a Son Disabled Veteran from 4 Tours in the Middle East I pray to God this Nation will survive Joe Biden and all our people will come together as Americans to Pray also for our Great Nation to remain one Nation Under God and remain the Free Light of this World! Happy Fourth Of July!

    1. Yes thank you and I sure hope so too. It’s horrible what has happened to this country I. Avery short period of time . Wake up people please don’t let our country go down.

  2. Americans citizens will not fight American citizens…We settle our differences at the ballot box. Our voting system is at the very core of who we are, how we live, how we keep peace among us…That MUST be THE MOST SECURE thing about us/AMERICA. We should fight to strengthen it, never let measures be put in place that weaken it. That is what the democrats are proposing. The changes that they now support are for that very purpose…to weaken, make it easier to steal an election. They want to make the things that they did in the 2020 possible for every election. That means we will not have a country governed by the PEOPLE but by whoever can cheat at our voting system the best, whoever can process (harvest) enough fake ballots, whoever can hack voting machines and skews the numbers best, can win. Folks who attempt to mess with our voting system are not democrats, republicans or AMERICANS…they are the enemy. ..If Biden wishes to fight a civil war…do you think he will use fighters from another country against us?`….like China/Russia? (Who he already seems to have some sort of clandestine relationship with) To fight against his own people…??? And if he does and say for arguments sake “they” win, do you think they will let him live? Of course not, they will take this country over…to the victor go the spoils….They already have a plan in place to divide America up between them it is said. Ponder this: what if Biden administration doesn’t plan to sit idle until 22…they plan to make/force their “election security changes” before then so that they insure that they stay in power, like they did in 2020.. In fact, Americans will consider that a course in civics and voting responsibility… be required of every voter to prove eligibility to even BE a voter measures like THAT would actually serve to strengthen our voting system…skills to drive a car must be proven out, isn’t voting a much more serious function? People/Voters should know what they are doing….That would make the voting system more secure for the whole country.
    Father God, hear our prayer. please wake up the hearts & minds of the American people, help them open their eyes to the facts about our election system. Let their voices speak out to their government officials so that they will know we are listening and watching and insist that our election process be made “IMPENETRABLE” Strong as steel. Protect America’s voting system please Father God, You said if my people will turn from there wicked ways and pray, I will heal your land, in the holy name of your son , Jesus Christ…we pray this. Thank you Lord… AMEN

  3. the FIRST battle ground is to rewrite history... k. marx 1619 project is a hoax a bald face lie. wokeness is to divide.... then conquer united we stand divided we fall .

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