Retired Army Ranger Officer To Receive Medal Of Honor At 94

 May 8, 2021

Though many young soldiers exhibited great acts of valor and bravery during wars like the Korean War, not all of them have been recognized for their contributions. Those who received recognition were awarded the medals that were available at the time.

One retired Army Colonel is getting an upgrade for his actions in the Korean war at 94.

Hill 205

During the Korean War, Col. Ralph Puckett was a lieutenant in the Army Rangers. He was getting prepared for the battle for Hill 205.

The Chinese had just joined the Korean War. They demolished the Eighth Army's right flank. In response, the U.S. retreated.

The day prior to the battle, Puckett received a briefing on the Chinese troops. There were 25,000 Chinese soldiers in place on Hill 205.

“Well, I knew that violated our doctrine. When the United States Army made an assault or made an attack, the doctrine was to outnumber the enemy 2:1 or preferably 3:1. Well, they [the Chinese] outnumbered us 3:2, so I knew something was wrong.”

Col. Ralph Puckett, during an oral history project

Outnumbered, But Still Fighting

Puckett had 51 Rangers and nine Korean soldiers. Even with their small numbers, they worked to get over 800 yards of frozen rice paddies.

He and his men took hold of the hill that looked over the Chongchon River. The area is now North Korea.

Once they took over the hill, Puckett and his Rangers established a perimeter and settled in for the night ahead in the hill's bunkers. They were alone with the closest unit over a mile from their position.

Long Night Ahead

The Chinese attacked throughout the night. It began with whistles from their lines, then mortar barrages, weapon fire, and even hand grenades.

Puckett called in a few close artillery strikes, which helped hold off the Chinese. However, when early in the morning, their luck changed.

According to Puckett, he called in another strike, but the unit was busy and was unable to help. Puckett decided to withdraw.

He was leaving his foxhole to see the Chinese's position, and he was shot multiple times.

He laid there wounded with three Chinese soldiers 15 yards away. Two privates first class, Billy G. Walls and David L. Pollock, refused to leave him, shot three Chinese troops, and brought Puckett back down.

He is now is receiving the Medal of Honor and a decision is pending for the other three men involved.

Source: Army Times

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4 comments on “Retired Army Ranger Officer To Receive Medal Of Honor At 94”

  1. heros all of them and all should be recognized for being exceptional soldiers. Why just rank ic considered as they all should honored at the same time, hell all should have honored in the past, That to me is disgusting,

  2. Such Valor often goes unnoticed. Glad to hear he has finally received the recognition he rightfully deserves. I hope they consider the others who stood their ground and rescued the Lieutenant. They two, should receive the Medial of Honor. You couldn't expect better bravery under fire then to rescue their leader and comrade from significantly outnumber forces. I salute all of them. SEMPER FI

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