Senior White House Official Questions Biden's Re-election Fitness

 July 10, 2024

President Joe Biden faces open skepticism from a seasoned White House official regarding his fitness for re-election against Donald Trump.

According to the New York Post, a significant figure within the White House, who has been an associate since Biden's vice presidential days, openly doubts the president's ability to secure another term.

Aged 81, President Biden has displayed signs of fatigue, such as tiredness and slower speech, raising concerns about his capacity to govern effectively.

During a crucial debate at the end of last month, Biden's performance did little to alleviate these worries, with moments of freezing, mumbling, and incoherence marking his appearance.

In response to these episodes, President Biden acknowledged his lackluster debate showing, describing it as a mere episode of exhaustion and not indicative of any serious health condition.

Biden's Debate Struggles Highlight Broader Concerns

Following the debate, Biden addressed these issues in an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, only to witness a further erosion of support within his party.

However, despite these concerns and challenges, Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to continue his candidacy. "I am staying in the race," Biden declared, emphasizing that the decision to withdraw would come only from a higher power.

Vice President Kamala Harris has stood by Biden during these turbulent times, lending her public support amidst growing uncertainties about his re-electability.

Concerns are inevitable about Biden being the oldest sitting president in U.S. history and being 86 at the end of a second term. Yet, Biden is expected to be formally nominated soon as the Democratic presidential candidate to ensure ballot access across all states.

Amidst these developments, six House Representatives and several leading Democrats have either publicly or privately urged Biden to reconsider his run for another term.

Biden Addresses Concerns About Health

More than 51 million Americans tuned into the debate between Trump and Biden, signaling high public interest and scrutiny.

President Biden has notably held fewer press conferences than his predecessors, planning a rare appearance soon which is anticipated to address ongoing concerns about his cognitive abilities.

Biden described the pressure and scrutiny: "It was a bad episode. No indication of any serious effect. I was exhausted." He insists this isolated incident shouldn't dictate future decisions about his candidacy.

A senior White House official confidentially expressed to the New York Times that observing the Democrat in private settings and during travels together revealed he lacks the necessary qualities to defeat Donald Trump. This blunt assessment highlights the internal tensions and worries about Biden's re-election campaign.


Despite Biden's reassurances and support from Vice President Harris, questions about his fitness for office continue to grow within his party. Many Democrats are concerned about his physical signs of aging, his recent debate performance, and his overall public interactions. As Biden plans to move forward with his candidacy, the Democratic leadership and voters are left weighing the risks of supporting a historically older candidate against the backdrop of intense political competition.

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  1. Any doctor who is saying he is fit to be president should be stripped of their licence to practice endangering the country and its citizens and democrats supporting Biden are putting personal power and money before the citizens

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