Service Members, Parents And Lawmaker Put A Stop To 'Drag Queen Story Hour' On Base

Last updated June 1, 2022

A 'drag queen story hour' event at Ramstein Air Base has been cancelled after backlash from service members, parents, and Florida lawmaker Marco Rubio. The event, intended for young children, allegedly began advertising before approval from the base had been secured.

"An advertisement was posted to the base library social media page before the event had completed Ramstein’s established processes for special observance coordination and approval,... The advertisement has been removed and the event will not take place."

Lt. Col. Will Powell, 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Florida Senator Marco Rubio acted immediately on hearing of the event and wrote a strongly worded letter to U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall asking that the event be stopped:

"I urge you to immediately cancel this politically divisive event, and take appropriate disciplinary action against all involved in allowing this gross abuse of taxpayer funding to place children in a sexualized environment"

Senator Mark Rubio

Rubio went on to state that families serving overseas have a hard enough time as it is accessing amenities such as public libraries. These parents should not have to worry about their kids being exposed to sexually charged content when visiting the only library available to them.

Rubio further requested information on how often the U.S. Military has hosted such events using taxpayer dollars. He has not yet made public whether or not U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall responded to these questions.

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49 comments on “Service Members, Parents And Lawmaker Put A Stop To 'Drag Queen Story Hour' On Base”

  1. Oh my. They got caught. Now how many other times did they get away with events like this? More importantly will anyone face disciplinary charges? I doubt it.

    1. It's time for some military people to be trialed and hung. starting at the the president

      1. We can start with Milley the traitor and Austin letting the military go woke and trangenderize . Don't forget pervert Biden with his let transgenders play girls and women's sports . Rubio did the right thing and I back him 1000 percent . This crap needs to stop , can't we load all this garbage on a barge and send it down river .

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  2. WTF ? i'm tired of hearing about these so called events . i could use a different word but homosexual is exact and these people should be and used to be in insane asylum's . who ever is pushing this crap should be on Gitmo .

    1. I'd prefer they were in "Bedlam", clear on the other side of "the Pond", or at least Pilgrim State!

      1. "Massivetwoshits" would welcome them into a state filled with mad people from drinking water from heavily mercury polluted rivers, and streams from the "beaver hat making days" That is why so many nuts come from the Northeast U.S.

        1. That does explain a lot. I remember that Japanese town, back in the '50s, & what was reported about those people. It was horrific. I still remember the photos of some of the children & infants. If you're right about the water up in MA being contaminated by mercury, there is no excuse for that. At the same time, it would not surprise me that a state, or the Federal, gov't would allow that.

          1. The beaver hat craze was back in the 1830s, so there has been lots of time for permanent genetic damage to be established in the North East U.S.

          2. You'd know it if the mercury levels were high enough, without waiting near 200 yrs to see it. It showed up there in a couple of generations.

    1. Did the base commander allow this, or did someone else permit this? An activities director might be a middleman. The highest rank has a lot of support staff.
      I worked in a large corporation and the highest rank does not always know everything.

  3. It will amaze me if Rubio gets a response from them. How can they justify having such a horrendous event at any library let alone a military base ????? Just how low has our military gotten to - to even think about having a circus act like this for the "kids" ??? EVERYONE involved in promoting this should be disciplined severly.

    1. Start at the top...nothing happens. Go to the most vulnerable and start there....then go after the real culprits. Sick people!!!!

  4. The lgbtqs community take notice you are not go to groom our children stay in your own yard and leave OUR children alone, their not yours to destroy!

    1. Well spoken Patriot! These queers, gays, trans, what ever they want to be called stayed in the closet when I was growing up. as a result we ignored their not normal lifestyle. now a days they have come out shoving it down our throats and trying to brainwash our children into they can live that way also. So sick. You are what you are on your birth certificate. Period! Think otherwise, You either have a mental problem or a medical condtion lacking in something

  5. This is typical of our current political administration, this current group of politicians that are in positions of power and influence from the president on down are seemingly intent on the destruction of literally anything that even seems to be what has been recognized as normal thought or behavior ever since the nation was officially formed based on the documents our founding fathers agonized over for many months. There can be no doubt in-the mind of a citizen who has normal cognitive abilities that if our nation continues on this path it will eventually cease to exist!!!

    1. Our current administration is LOADED with "man eaters", "muff munchers", and "bum stuffers' D.C. has forgotten normal sex!

  6. Once again the liberal left invades. Is no place safe for our children? I have been appalled at those educated and supposedly intelligent people who push this crap. Either that, or deny it exists. i don't know what world they live in, but out here where it's real, very few agree with this nonsense. It used to be we knew it existed, even who they were, but it wasn't put out there in all it's glory for anyone to see. I don't know where we got off the rails, but it needs to stop. Every time I read or hear about things like this, I feel like I need a shower.

  7. Let our children be children, please. Thank God for our Governor and Senator of our wonderful state of FL! I am waiting patiently to learn more about how often this type of thing has happened on other bases.

  8. I was reading the Facebook page comments and was honestly shocked that most of the comments were supportive of the event. OMG!!! I live near Ramstein AB and served here for 4 years. I could never imagine an event like this taking place, let alone with children. Somebody needs to explain themselves to the USAFE Commander on this BS.

    1. Those fb posts are made by BOTS (in other words they are NOT real people, they are computer generated replies). Democrats will stop at nothing to ruin this nation. And abominations such as this will bring down God's sure judgment.

  9. How sick are the military leaders & a$$hats of the WH administration of the U.S. to think this type of event/entertainment for young kids is OK?? You are the most vile, evil & disgusting pos alive! There is a place in hell for the likes of you.

  10. Unbelievable! I preferred the days when we knew those who practice such behaviors are, in fact, mentally ill, & do not belong around children or our military! But then men knew they were men, women knew they were women, & everyone knew which BR to use. Life was so much happier for all , back then ...

      1. Even those who claimed to not believe still knew & respected those things, but yes. He still does in some hearts.

  11. Thank you Senator Rubio and all others who help cancelled this arrogant and the stupidity of the Left's agenda to indoctrinate our young and innocent. Let's continue to stand together!

  12. It's sad, but this "president" is using our military to impose his homosexual agenda onto American parents and their children.

  13. I am so glad that some one inp in the bud and stop this trash from exposing out little children I pray you do find out who did this and bring so thind of punishment to those people

  14. Biden is using the government to force his homosexual agenda onto American parents and their children.

  15. The reason why they are doing these things is because there has been little or no real push back from Americans to this homosexual agenda.

    Social media comments alone aren't going to work.

  16. This perversion has to be stopped in our schools. We celebrate PTSD month not Gay pride month

    1. Even my trans & activist youngest sibling agrees this is just wrong; that inclusiveness & acceptance can & should be taught in a much more age appropriate manner, & that sex should not be brought in at all 'til nearer puberty, & then limited as well, to AGE appropriate information! We both agree on that, for all I'm a Bible believing Christian, so the "other side of that fence" so to speak. Children should be allowed the innocence to BE children!

  17. Praise the Lord. Thank you for standing up against the horror show. This is nothing more than indoctrination and lies put out by very, very sick deranged people.

  18. Just look at the makeup of the current demoncreep party. It is ruled by LGBTQ+ people from top to bottom. Butegeg, the new press secretary, half the white house staff, Schiff, the bald headed chick in the squad, Rosie, Rachael Maddow, Michael Moore, Killary etc., etc.,etc.
    This administration is so LGBTQ oriented it makes me want to puke!!!

  19. Why can’t anything be done. These little kids do not deserve this. Get rid of all these stupid people
    Why are they doing all of this this all started when Biden got into office.

  20. a public lrberary is no place for such aevent, if there is a place at all for such wickness


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