Skyrocketing Violence In Portland Forces Firefighters Into Wearing Ballistic Vests

Violence has been increasing in large cities throughout the United States. In Portland, the violence has become so severe that the fire department is making ballistic vests part of their gear.

Changing Times

Terry Foster, Portland Fire and Rescue spokesperson, firefighters will be given access to bullet-resistant gear because of the "changing landscape" and how often firefighters are dealing with violent patients and bystanders.

“First responders, as they go in, we can become targets. Even if you look at the totality of the city, it’s definitely become a less safe place to work for their firefighters. There’s no way to mince any words.”

Portland Fire Fighters’ Association (PFA) President Alan Ferschweiler

According to the union, PFR leaders also want the vests to be stab-resistant. According to the Oregonian, PFA Vice President Issac McLennan said, "We always will do anything and everything to keep firefighters safe because that's what keeps people in Portland safe."

Safety First

Soon they will order 200 ballistic vests. The vests will be red and will be labeled "medic." So far, there is not a clear plan as to how the new vest will be used.

However, McLennan said the vests were necessary as firefighters are seeing more people attacking fellow first responders in Oregon and in the country as a whole. But, he said, "This is just another tool... to keep firefighters safe."

Fershwieler has been attacked while on duty twice. Unfortunately, he said, "It's just become more of a dangerous time for first responders throughout the country."

The violent crime numbers have climbed in Portland over the last year and hit a high of 837 shooting year to date by the end of August. In the North Precinct, shootings are up 100%.

Without the vests, firefighters' jobs would become increasingly difficult to do, putting the publics' lives in greater danger. Hopefully, with the vests, firefighters will be able to continue to do their jobs.

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16 comments on “Skyrocketing Violence In Portland Forces Firefighters Into Wearing Ballistic Vests”

  1. Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, all have something in common. They are run by Democrat liberal progressives. This is what happens when Democrats are in charge. Democrat leadership equals chaotic s*** hole cities!

  2. The lack of leadership has been pretty much allowed and approved by Portland' citizens. I think the firefighters should be leaving before they are murdered for trying to do their job. There are many sane places to live and work. Portland is not one of them.

  3. To hell with the vests. It's time for the glocks and AR15s! Our firefighters should have SWAT team snipers in position protecting them while they do their work.

  4. Not exclusive to firefighters, MANY EMS providers have been wearing them for years and the problem is not only occurring in the cities.

  5. The violence will continue as long as the democrats have any say in what happens. Portland is a prime example but not the only one across our country. Whether the democrats refuse to do anything, as Portland, or simply pay lip service to the problem as in many cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia they are the culprits.

  6. We need to force our political geniuses who want to do away with first responders to go out on the streets and see first hand how important these folks really are. I'm fine with bullet proof vest and pistols for firefighters but give them support. Vest and guns aren't doing anything but putting a bandaid on a wound that requires stitches!

  7. When I was a cop in Los Angeles, years ago, we rode garbage trucks during a strike. Why not have cops ride with the firefighters?

  8. The firefighters need all the same protection the police have because those bat-s**t crazy moon-bats the police have to deal with, the firemen have to deal with. I have to wonder if there is even one human in Portland with a brain cell larger than a gnat.

  9. Portland wants to get rid of their police department, now look at the total mess their city is in !
    I guess they might want to think twice, if they want to elect more liberal leaders .

    1. Sure didn't make any difference in the last election which was AFTER the riots started and the cops were told to stand down, people arrested in the riots were released without bail even before the riot stopped.

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