That Time U.S. Army Rangers Stole A Bulldozer And Used It As A Combat Vehicle

 July 27, 2022

In 1983, Army Rangers were in Grenada on a mission when they attacked a Cuban airfield. The Rangers and the engineers began fighting, which led to an interesting chain of events.

Operation Urgent Fury

The United States sent troops to Grenada when a coup threatened American lives. In total, 2,000 troops were sent by President Ronald Reagan. The Ranger's mission was to take the airfield at Point Salines.

However, things didn't quite go according to plan. First, there weren't enough aircraft for all the Rangers to jump. Then while they were in the air, plans changed.

Air-land became an option, so the commander had the Rangers take off their parachutes. But, about 20 minutes from the landing site, they learned that plan was unsafe.

They hurried back into their chutes and into a situation where they needed to jump without anyone inspecting their gear. The jumps were taken at 500 feet from the ground, making the fall only 17 seconds.

The jump was a success, and they went right into battle. The airfield not only had Grenadian troops but 500 Cuban engineers. The engineers fired upon the Rangers.

Resourceful Rangers

The 1st and 2nd battalions, 75th Ranger Regiment, were fighting on the ground when they saw a few bulldozers. A couple of the Rangers were adept at hotwiring, so they started them up.

The Rangers used the bulldozers as cover to move on the Cuban engineers and Grenadian troops. The Rangers captured the airfield in one day, and 100 Cubans and 150 defenders surrendered.

That evening a counterattack was launched, but it did not work. Nevertheless, the Rangers completed their mission, successfully capturing Point Salines.

The Ranger lost five soldiers in the battle, and six were injured. Rangers of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment also were lost when in an attack on a prison holding political prisoners.

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7 comments on “That Time U.S. Army Rangers Stole A Bulldozer And Used It As A Combat Vehicle”

  1. I hate to admit it but I was old enough to remember when that happened. I was 27 years old, and my wife and I voted for Ronald Reagan. I remember that story because I was working on a construction site at the time when I learned how to operate a bulldozer when everyone went home for the day. (Good old days) I thought those men who hot-wired the bulldozers had a great idea to keep moving forward on the battlefield. I'm sorry for the men that gave it they're all in that battle. I greatly respect anyone in our Armed Forces, God Bless them.


    1. AMEN AMEN i have always held my highest respect for our military and our law enforcement my dad was in world war 2 and i have three brothers that were in the military my deepest respect to all of them that gave their all GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY

  2. In combat situations, a lot of times you Adapt and Overcome, or you Die. Well done Rangers!!

  3. So, the story behind the Clint Eastwood movie Hearbreak Ridge is pretty true. That's cool. No one really knows the true valor that our heros have proven. Hoorah!!

  4. So much respect 4 all military. Such a selfless & courageous act... Thank you so so so much 2 ALL of the Men & Women who have committed their lives to ensure Amerxica stays free and safe... I truly am so grateful for the Service 9f each and every one that's given any length of time in our military service's.

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