Two Firefighters Injured Rescuing 11 From Boat Fire

By Ethan Cole on
 September 22, 2020

The definition of hero is a person of courage, especially one who risks or sacrifices his or her life. A firemans job by definition is to be a hero. They are meant to run towards danger, while others will run away. Their job is to risk injury and death.

A fire broke out on a pleasure boat about 6:30 pm on the Potomac River. There were 11 passengers on the boat that were safely evacuated. Amid a lot of smoke, firefighters moved in after passengers were evacuated. Using a retardant foam the flames were put out at about 7:22. One firefighter was injured, the passengers were fine.

Sometimes we take for granted the heroic actions of our first responders, but if we are ever in need they are there. Communities that have had disasters of any type, are very grateful to them. What would we do without them.

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