US Army Medic Takes Out More Than A Dozen Insurgents

From October 8-15, 2011, the U.S. Army and insurgents fought for Shal Mountain in Operation Rugged Sarak. The control of the mountain also meant control of coalition supply routes and a route used for smuggling by the enemy.

Operation Rugged Sarak

The insurgents had controlled the mountain for a long time. Still, the Bastard Company 2-27th Infantry Regiment decided it was time for a management change, especially after the insurgents attacked two convoys and killed a Bravo soldier in each.

The fight for the mountain would take eight days. One of the soldiers who was on top of the mountain was a medic who also went to the second convoy attack, Spc. Jeffrey A. Conn.

Conn went up the mountain on October 8th with the first platoon and made it to the top on October 11th. The men fought their way up the mountain while taking up weapons and equipment. In total, there were only 23 U.S. soldiers at the top.

Defending The Perimeter

The insurgents repeatedly tried to take the summit. The insurgents reached five meters away from the perimeter and fired upon the base with machine guns.

Conn threw grenades at the insurgents from the southern side of the perimeter. He saw an RPG hit the platoon's Mk-19 and searched for wounded soldiers before getting cover for himself.

Conn's defense of the southern side saved 30 Afghan and American lives and prevented the side from collapsing. The fighting continued on the 12th.

Defending The Summit

Conn had some close calls with RPGs and machine guns as he ran to man the radio, sending reports to headquarters. He spotted fighters coming into the outpost and fired a 60mm mortar tube, engaging with the enemy and killing 12. Another soldier killed two insurgents with a TOW missile.

The insurgents fought back with a vengeance the following day. Five U.S. soldiers and three Afghan soldiers were injured in an 82mm mortar round attack on the northern flank.

Conn treated the wounded and returned grenades and smoke to move the casualties. On the 14th, the platoon was relieved, but the enemy did not want to quit.

Conn treated the injured while being fired upon, then fired 60mm rounds at the enemy along with grenades. Assisted by the platoon sergeant's M4 fire, the suicide bombers were taken out. Conn was given a Silver Star for saving the lives of nine soldiers.

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