US Forces Deployed Against Continued Aggression From China

Over the past year, U.S. Marines and special operations forces have been in Taiwan, training their military in secret. According to The Wall Street Journal, training their military directly responds to China being aggressive with its claim on the island.

Training Taiwan's Forces

Special operators are training small groups of Taiwanese ground forces. The Marines are focused on training the maritime forces on small boats, according to anonymous U.S. officials.

The Chinese military has flown an incredible amount of flights around the island, hitting 149 military flights in 4 days. The People's Liberation Army flew by a total of 56 times on Monday alone.

The activity on Taiwain hits at a time when the tension between the United States and China has hit a record high. The two behemoths are clashing on everything from human rights to trade and COVID-19.

Avoiding War

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese foreign ministry stated they "will take all necessary steps to protects its sovereignty and territorial integrity."

When asked the Marine Corps about the operation, they steered them to the Pentagon, whose spokesman did not offer many details.

"I don't have any comments on specific operations, engagements, or training, but I would like to highlight that our support for and defense relationship with Taiwan remains aligned against the current threat posed by the People's Republic of China."

John Supple

Supple said the U.S. wants the tension in the area to end peacefully. In 1954, Taiwan entered into a mutual defense pact with the United States.

Taiwan's Independence

Though China has allowed independence from Taiwan in the past, they have currently become more dominant over the island and their people.

According to the Chinese tabloid, The Global Times, U.S. involvement in the area would end in China needing to "destroy and expel U.S. troops in Taiwan by military means, and at the same time realize reunification by force."

The tabloid, which is thought to be used by the Communist Party, wrote the editorial because of a tweet that has been deleted by Sen. John Cornyn from Texas incorrectly stating that 30,000 troops were in Taiwan.

However, the United States has "strategic ambiguity" with the county and does not spell out whether or not they would actually help if China attacked. The U.S. holds the policy to stay firmly in the middle of China and Taiwan.

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