US Soldier Takes Gold In Olympic Shooting Sport

As the world watches the Olympic games one athlete steps into the spotlight, setting a new Olympic record for women's skeet shooting. But this Olympian is much more than just an athlete, she is also a U.S. soldier.

Setting Records

1st Lieutenant Amber English took the gold in women's skeet shooting and broke the women's record. She earned 56 points in what was a very close event.

She also is the second American to win the event. English is an Army Reserve logistics officer and not the only soldier in the games. There are 16 other soldiers competing in Tokyo.

Her gold medal is the first one she has won.

“We are very fortunate to be here to be able to compete. You know everyone wanted to compete last year but we are very fortunate to still be here and do what we do. We appreciate everything.” 

Amber English

Training For the Prize

The Tokyo Olympics were delay from last year due to the coronavirus. English had attempted to qualify in the 2016 games but did not make the team. Instead, she was an alternate.

However, she continued her training in hopes of making the 2020 Olympics. In 2017, she joined the army as a logistics officer. She also became a part of Fort Benning's Army Marksmanship Unit.

In an interview with Military Families Magazine, she said that the Army has helped her handle performing under pressure.

“One of the things I’ve learned since joining the military is that these people that I’m surrounded by, whether they’re shooting or whether deployed, whatever their job is in the military, they still have to figure out how to get the job done."

Amber English

Another American Win

English was not the only American to win a gold medal in skeet shooting. Vincent Hancock won his event, making it his third gold medal, another first.

Both record-holders have actually known each other since they were 16, according to the AP. Something that made the victory so much more enjoyable for both of them.

English was cheered on by the US Army, including a Tweet from Army Secretary Christine Wormuth applauding her win.

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