Vague COVID Rule Allegedly Prevents Firefighter Paramedics From Saving A Life

The COVID19 Pandemic rules have been incredibly murky and difficult to interpret. Unfortunately, this cost a California man his life when firefighter paramedics refused to enter a facility to render aid due to a law they understood to prevent them from entering.

The worst part about this situation is that the first responders are being held responsible when it appears that the murky rule and lack of guidance from leadership is the real problem.

As someone who has served in a public service position, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Leadership is crippled by murky rules and refuse to make a clear decision. This in turn hinders everyone else from doing their job.

An open investigation is under way to determine if the first responders conducted themselves correctly. Hopefully this includes the leadership who allegedly failed to properly communicate policy.

What do you think, should these first responders be held responsible for this?

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