Vague COVID Rule Allegedly Prevents Firefighter Paramedics From Saving A Life

 December 18, 2021

The COVID19 Pandemic rules have been incredibly murky and difficult to interpret. Unfortunately, this cost a California man his life when firefighter paramedics refused to enter a facility to render aid due to a law they understood to prevent them from entering.

The worst part about this situation is that the first responders are being held responsible when it appears that the murky rule and lack of guidance from leadership is the real problem.

As someone who has served in a public service position, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Leadership is crippled by murky rules and refuse to make a clear decision. This in turn hinders everyone else from doing their job.

An open investigation is under way to determine if the first responders conducted themselves correctly. Hopefully this includes the leadership who allegedly failed to properly communicate policy.

What do you think, should these first responders be held responsible for this?

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39 comments on “Vague COVID Rule Allegedly Prevents Firefighter Paramedics From Saving A Life”

  1. There bosses need to be prosecuted there firsrt responders doctors nurses etc helped during the worst times in 2020 but because odf A useless non caring scumbag so called president thousandsof people are being destroyed becUse od a useless asshole scumbag joe biden fuck biden

    1. Easy to say, then lose ones job for speaking up and going against the rules set up by the boss. And then ones own family goes hungry.
      Are you one of the bosses looking for a way out. Just asking.

    1. And just what would you have done, knowing if you go against your boss, You would be out of a job, and your family would go hungry.
      As A union man I met plenty just like you.

      1. Perhaps you misunderstood that comment by Duane. Despite all the propaganda taught in our schools these days, every human should treat every other human with care. This is what is meant by being responsible for one's own actions. If you aren't willing to risk your job for another human life, you are being selfish and irresponsible. In addition, those Firefighters, had they saved the life, would have had the public backing them up should anyone in authority had retaliated.

    1. Start with the ones whom are actually responsible for causing such confusion! This is Barney Biden and his Round Table of NO Sense MISFITS that have just enough sense to MAKE STUPID LOOK SMART. As a retired Firefighter/ EMT you have to follow the “ Rules of Engagement “ set before you or you’ll face severe consequences!!
      They have made these regulations so that the very people trained to help others are going to be punished for doing their job.
      Our country needs NEW and REAL COMMON SENSE PEOPLE BACK IN PUBLIC OFFICE!! God Fearing People that LOVE OUR COUNTRY !!

  2. As a man lost his life due to NEGLIGENCE, the 1st responders should be fired. Harsh, but necessary. A law that prevents saving a life is one that SHOULD NOT be obeyed.

    1. Tell me, what in the name of hell are 1st responders for??? Would those responders just sit there and watch their father, brother, sister, mother DIE!!! No , but because it was as stranger they had to obey the rules.....!!! Hopefully the scumbag who made the rules should suffer the same fate!!! case closed!!

      1. Both of you should shut the hell up. Neither of you has enough facts from this article to be running your mouth. You don't know who ordered these individuals to stand down. Also mighty brave to be mouthing off when it is not you having to make the decision.

        1. Nevertheless this freaking country needs to drop the stupid, idiotic usage of PC...let our men be actors, women actresses, etc...PC has had a good deal of negatives in our country and has turned it upside down.

      2. IS THERE some LAW or RULE which MANDATES ANY FIRST RESPONDER TO JEOPARDIZE THEIR OWN LIFE OR WELL BEING??? TRUE, Many do without question or thought, but the LAW of SELF PRESERVATION supersedes all others. This applies to ALL FIRST RESPONDERS, whether it be POLICE, FIRE, or EMS, and for that matter, JOHN Q. PUBLIC too. Don't forget, NOT EVERYONE has medical training, and with ATTITUDES today towards first responders doing ''something wrong or improper'' no one should be THROWING STONES at someone 'protecting themselves'. Let's just say that two or three FIREfighters entered that facility (against policy and better judgement), and were exposed to and got "covid'' and died as a result. Your argument, and managements against paying out LODD Benefits would be, "THEY VIOLATED LAW AND POLICY AND ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THEM! ""CATCH-22""

  3. The First Responders are exposed to too many viruses and bacterias these days. They need to have parameters on where to draw the line for their own protection. What would we do without them if they all started dying from Covid?

  4. You realize this took place in California. The most screwed-up state in the nation. This state is run by the most useless bunch of idiots ever assembled. They had a chance to get rid of the useless governor but decided to keek him so they could bi_ch and whine some more.

    1. I agree 100 percent with that . The queer state of Gaylifornia should secede from the rest of the US . We would probably be better off .

  5. This is the norm in any organisation. Those at the top, make a decision and pass the order down. But when it goes tits up, they also shift the blame downwards. Seen this in factories, unfortunately, when it reaches the bottom, they have not got a factory cat to kick.

  6. The idiots who put that vague regulation in place deserve most of the blame. Yet the responders took an oath violated their oath. All are guilty to some degree.

  7. as a vfd emt the main leadership is to blame for not addressing this. we go in where others are afraid to go unless we are not allowed by rules or extreme hazards

  8. It is a situation not of their doing that is damned if you do, damned if you don't. Those in California that make up these asinine rules/laws should be the ones prosecuted for incompetent stupidity. Unfortunately, they run the place!!

  9. The workers only do what they have been told to do. Therefore, if something goes wrong, then the supervisor(s) needs to be fired, indicted, charged, or whatever, the same of even worst than the worker(s). It all starts from the top of the organization. Look at our country, the President is the one responsible at all times for what happens under their time as President, except the current President, he blames everyone else for what he has or hasn't done.

  10. Yes they all should be held responsible. I hope they all have trouble sleeping at night. I’m tired of 1st responders killing people in the name if Covid

  11. firefighters can't win. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. please consider the human not the rulebook.

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