U.S. Navy SEAL Faces Evil so Intense, it Leaves Him With PTSD

 November 18, 2023

In 2006, the United States military was actively engaged in the Iraq War, which began in 2003.

The main goal of the war was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and to eliminate weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that were believed to be in the country.

By 2006, the initial invasion and overthrow of Saddam's government had been completed, and the focus of the war had shifted to counterinsurgency operations against various militant groups, including Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the stabilization and reconstruction of the country.

In addition, the US and its allies were training and equipping Iraqi security forces to take over the responsibility for maintaining security and stability in the country.

This video is the story of Navy SEAL, Rob Guzzo, whose platoon deployed to Iraq in 2006 and faced an evil enemy and combat so intense, it left Guzzo with PTSD.

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One comment on “U.S. Navy SEAL Faces Evil so Intense, it Leaves Him With PTSD”

  1. Let me tell the ones that doesn’t support our military and first responders, you
    Probably would not be alive now. If not now it could be any day. We never know
    when something is going to happen of any kind, a fire in a house, in the forest fire
    A call comes in 911 that they heard gunshots. Well that and a lot more.
    The brave military men join the service because they love their country and they
    want to protect the United States of America and its citizens. They go to war and put
    their life on the line for their country. The men see death right in front of their eyes.
    They come home and everyone thinks they can just act as if nothing ever happened.
    I have a family member that was in Vietnam and to this day he still has dreams of
    it but he said in those days he would talk to the LORD more.
    So if you are one that doesn’t care for the Military or First Responders, I will say they
    are protecting you and SHAME on you for not at least saying Thank You.
    GOD Bless ALL

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