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16 comments on “WATCH: 101st Airborne Turret Gunner Survives Headshot From Taliban Sniper In Afghanistan”

  1. These guys are willing to sacrifice everything for us... We owe them the honor they deserve. They are all heroes.

    1. For twenty years 18 and 19 year olds one or two years out of highschool have been going toe to toe slugging it out with these jerks in afghnistan all giving some and some giving all, only to find out they have a president that doesn t have the balls to confront them . What a god dam phoney. These kids deserve a hell of a lot better. biden is the worst of the worst.

      1. You got that right. BABBLE Brained Biden is the essence of evil released on this world. I am surprised that he released munitions and weapons to the Ukrainian war

  2. LYING BIDEN is a worthless pile of EXCREMENT ! He deserves no respect only a hangman's rope for he is a TRAITOR !

  3. Did this just happen on Aug 27, 2021? The news leads us to believe that US forces were only in the airport not in tanks outside the airport in Kabul?

  4. This video can bring back all the sights, sounds and smell of a long gone memory. That kid was in shock. God bless him ..... well I suppose God did bless him.

  5. Frist it is nice he survived, He still has to checked out. The crew acted in a cool Professional manner. God loves that man for sure. frist time in 70 years I can only say I hope that Angle stays with you Men.

  6. No 1 promoted islamic extremism/terrorism the way that that foreign enemy emperor "Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator" does, gave 20 General Dynamics F-16 Falcons to the members of the muslim brotherhood who go by the name CAIR here in the United States.

  7. You can see he's on queer street but by God he is alive and a hero! God, I love this, seeing a hero in action!! God is with soldiers and so is St. Michael.

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