WATCH: Devastating Firepower - America's Enemies Tremble In Fear

 April 5, 2021

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5 comments on “WATCH: Devastating Firepower - America's Enemies Tremble In Fear”

  1. The AC-130 is the ideal way to conduct warfare, dealing death from above on the dirt-bags and bad guys on an industrial production line basis, minimizing collateral damage and lifting us out of the higher losses of WWII and the first Korean War. If the Kim family wants war, we can serve it up hot and spicy. If China wants to try taking Taiwan or more parts of the West Philippines Sea, it won't be a joy ride for them. The US has lots of new weapons that just need real world field testing. And if China wants to play tackle-dummy, let 'em come.

  2. Only works if we already have air supremacy. With only 80 of the needed 200+ F22s, against a real adversary, ie, not a third rate power like Iran or terrorists, air superiority is unlikely.

  3. Its time we get ready . Countries like. China are out for world dominance.

    Are we prepared ?

    Our leadership is very poor and weak!

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