WATCH: The Next Generation U.S. Warship Is Unmatched by Anyone

 June 27, 2023

The Independece is a littoral combat ship class developed by General Dynamics and Austal for the United States Navy. The design of the large trimaran makes this ship very unusual, greatly expands its capabilities, capacity and speed. Coupled with a wide scale of weapons, artillery and missiles, the ship is capable of fully performing the tasks of protecting littoral zones and fighting small enemy ships. Initially, within the framework of the US NAVY tender, companies produced 2 ships of this class. After adopting them and confirming their prospects, the fleet ordered an additional batch of ships, of which, by 2020, 11 units are already in service.

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9 comments on “WATCH: The Next Generation U.S. Warship Is Unmatched by Anyone”

  1. one small missile this beer can goes up like a sparkler on the 4th of July look at the Brits ship during the falkens battle the men had no chance a lot of them died i wouldnt want to serve on this beer can better have a lot of life insurance if you do

    1. You are right Earl. Aluminum does not do well against rockets or anything else in the military arsenal. Yes it is cheaper than steel and lighter too but it burns and is exceptionally dangerous to those in her. Use something else.

  2. Don't mind Sheplers products or advertising. It's the pop up spam that's annoying when trying to watch an info site.

  3. Boy, what a cool ship. The Democrats need to fork out some big money for more up-to-date fighting equipment. Biden loves spending money so this should be an easy sell. After all, he left all the equipment in Afghanistan -lots of it.

  4. Give them to the Coast Guard Just take the missiles off. Let him keep the 57 mm on the front and the phylinks or C-Wiz and all their ma deuce machine guns.Why waste tax payers money.

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