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33 comments on “WATCH: Suspect Suing Police After Leading High Speed Pursuit, Getting Run Over”

    1. The cops put everyone in danger by chasing the guy. You can’t outrun a radio or a helicopter. The cop should be charged with attempted murder. At the least he should be sued personally for everything he had or will ever obtain.

  1. That wasn't necessary to run him over. He was running away. The cop should have followed him with the car until help arrived or the guy got tired of running. Why take a chance on paralyzing or killing the guy for a speeding ticket? Stupid is what stupid does.

    1. Did you see the ditch in the meridian between the highway and the access ramp? The patrol car likely wouldn't have gotten past it.

      Besides, it seems the guy was running away from the police due to something far more that a speeding ticket. The moment the light turned green he made an effort to flee. Not very smart unless he was wanted for something more serious. But I do understand that many liberals prefer that criminals get away.

    2. yes, it was necessary that puto was endangering peoples lives on the highway and stupid ass shouldn't have ran, his fault oh well, that's what he gets. the cop was following that idiot and yes stupid is stupid does (that's for the wetback) If that was me I would have beat his ass.

    3. Maybe he was fleeing from a murder scene. Would you change your mind then? What if he just killed your spouse? Or raped your daughter? You don’t know his rap sheet. Why was he evading so much if it was just a ticket he would incur? Is that how a normal law abiding citizen responds to being pulled over? So to say someone is stupid based on some facts but not all the facts is just well as you say stupid is as stupid does.

      1. That’s just it. You don’t. And you don’t assault someone with a motor vehicle. The cops are the ones that accelerated the danger. We don’t need high speed chases. You can’t out run a radio or helicopter. That cop needs to be sued personally and charged for attempted murder.

    4. Too bad you were not on driving on that highway and this moron caused you to crash. I am sure you would be singing a different tune. Your type always does. Your type and your mental deficiencies are a cancer on society. Just shut the h*** up !

    5. Who said it was just a speeding ticket. If you watched and understood the video, they were sitting at a stoplight, when the light changed the PO turned on his lights (must have run the plates), and as soon as he did the idiot ran. Got what he deserved after putting all of those lives in danger.

  2. Dumbass shouldn't have run and wouldn't have been a problem !!!!! He didn't run over him just bumped him with his bumper cause he was trying to run off !!!!!

  3. What a stupid idiot. This puto is going to sue that policer officer, wow he is the wrong dude this isn't Mexico where you can drive like an stupid ass (if anyone's been to Mexico, you know what Im talking about, they dont have lanes and very few lights) you have to have some small ass balls to do that in front of a police. By the looks of it he looks like a wetback therefore he probably came here illegally. HE ISNT GOING TO WIN

  4. Another moron. Got what he deserved. About 80% of pocket rocket riders are dangerous idiots who ride recklessly and exceed the speed limit.

    Especially on the freeway, blowing by people and creating a very unsafe situation.

    Put em in jail.

    That is where they belong.

    1. I ride a Harley and I cringe when I see crotch rockets cutting in front of cars and driving like they are on a Race track. it gives ALL of us Motorcycle riders a bad name.

    2. You make a good argument but blow it out of the water with made up percentages that reflect your personal opinion.

  5. I was in public safety for 44years and had several pursuits similar and frankly I see NO PROBLEM with the officer stopping him the way he did, he could have given up and suffered no harm!!!!!

  6. if he would have have just pulled over he wouldn't have gotten hit. Pretty much Stupid on his part. he's lucky he didn't get at full speed like he had been going.

  7. Thank heaven the police got him...Dern fool endangered everyone on the road...now complaining and threatening legal action...Fool should be thankful b that police didn't run him over again....too bad he didn't...Fool should be locked up andhave this video played on ALL social media sites

  8. My Grandfather was a cop. In 1950 he was on his way home and stopped at a Gas Station when 2 thugs came in to rob the place. They pulled out guns and my grandfather grabbed the gun of one of the suspects when he ran out to the car my Grandfather shot him were he could not sit down. The perp said he could have hit me somewhere else but Grandpa shot through the glass window of the station. He was hailed as a hero today they would fire him at least. We need to get back to policing when police were police and not baby sitters.

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