USS Ronald Reagan Super Carrier: Capable of Singlehandedly Winning a War

While it takes over 5,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel to man, the USS Ronald Reagan and it's strike group is capable of singlehandedly winning a war against almost any opponent in the world.

Not to mention, it's named after one of the greatest American's of all time.

Take a look at this incredible video highlighting American naval might:

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18 comments on “USS Ronald Reagan Super Carrier: Capable of Singlehandedly Winning a War”

    1. Bath house barry the self proclaimed Muslim con artist fraud illegal sold bs for 8 years. And now has his chicom fraud jotato sock puppet finishing the agenda of destruction. If people spent as much time following politics as they do sports? Maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. Stuck on lazy-ignorance, & stupid.

  1. Unfortunately, one tactical nuke would destroy that aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. Those carriers are sitting ducks. Only the deep-running submarines would be survivable.

    1. This was known before the design was even funded. You miss the point: It's purpose is to funnel money from the taxpayer's pocket into the pocket's of the mega corporations that own Congress (who each get a cut!). In this it is a major success

      1. And when you're 34 trillion dollars in debt and have no way of paying it the best way to get that paid and get more money in their pocket is to start a war that way they don't get out of power and all of them has stock and all the weaponry of a war they make big bucks off of it what they all want to be doing is throw their butts out in the front line let them start a war and finish it by their self they wouldn't be so eager to start a war the next time

      2. Oh! Very aware of corrupt corporate America. Along with blackrock-vanguard-second st. And their ties with big banks & own thousands of shares in control. Klaus schwab & world economy found. Bill gates owning thousands of acres of farmland. I know the ties of the U.N. & funneling money to NGO'S processing illegals into our country. I'm not a dumb sheeple.

  2. Glad to see that our Navy and the rest of our weapons of war is down there 🇺🇸🇺🇸 You people who thank we are defenseless are ignorant of what we’ve been doing down there for over a year

  3. Well I seriously doubt the claim about one ship winning a war but if the ship was a rowboat with President Joe (the great and powerful) Biden at the ores, then that may be possible. If you doubt me, just ask him.

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  5. […] Meet The USS Ronald Reagan Super Carrier, Capable Of Singlehandedly Winning A War […]

  6. This being put on film means it's not a secret anymore. I've recently seen footage of extremely powerful laser beams powerful enough to down China's and Russia's 10X missiles...I guess if you have laser the speed of light would work BUT what is it they're not telling us. The USA can't give out all their secrets and I thought the laser beams probably shouldn't have been told but since it has what else even more powerful does the military have? Satellite lasers? I certainly hope we never have to worry but a friend's son that got out of the military said he couldn't even talk about some of the stuff he saw it was so top secret.

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